Huawei Devices Introduces IDEOS X5 at CES

Huawei announced at the CES that they are expanding their IDEOS line with the X5 coming this year.  In Singapore, Hong Kong, and New Zealand, it’s coming this month, and later in the year for US carriers.  According to Businesswire, the X5 boasts:

  • a 3.8 inch multiple touch screen with easy-to-use SWYPE input and voice recognition for additional convenience
  • an ultra-slim width of 11.4mm, curved edges and brush metal coating to serve as an ideal everyday accessory
  • a 5 mega pixel camera with 720p high definition video recording and playback
  • a FM radio, SRS professional audio effect and Flash 10.1 to enhance the gaming experience

There is also a teaser YouTube video about some of the features on the IDEOS X5

The X5 will be standard with 2.2 (FroYo) and ideal for the budget-friendly consumer.

You can read the full press release over at Businesswire here.

Who’s excited about picking this little bad boy up later this year?

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    selling less than 300 USD in Malaysia

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