October 26, 2014

The Notion Ink Adam Is Real!

[viddler id=e863fe13&w=437&h=288]We started reporting about the Notion Ink Adam Tablet in October 2010. December 9th pre-sales started and everyone was blown away with the specifications and the overall sleek look of the Adam. Here is a promo showing the “feel” of the UI that Notion Ink published yesterday on vimeo. We all did feel a little bit “sketchy” in Decemeber when we visited the Notion Ink website and there were no videos or even pictures of it being turned on. There are no worries now! Engadget was luckyenough to get some one on one time with this sleek 10-inch Android tablet.

We’ll admit, we’re pleasantly shocked at how much Notion Ink was able to do with it’s Adam tablet. While the Eden UI does seem confusing to us and the software isn’t completely finished in our minds, it’s an incredibly different take on Android for tablets, which is exactly what we’ve needed in the past year. With Honeycomb coming up soon, there’s no telling what Google itself will put out to take advantage of the extra screen space, but at the moment the Adam is one of the most impressive tablets we’ve seen.

The specs on this thing will knock your socks off. Dual core with a NVIDIA Tegra 250 chip, 1GB of ram, a 3.2 MP auto focus swivel camera, and even a mini USB port! Check out the video that Engadget released from CES2011. At the end they compare it to an iPad in the sun, and the Adam is a total win. I am really debating on getting this, it just looks amazing. What do you guys think?