The Notion Ink Adam Is Real!

[viddler id=e863fe13&w=437&h=288]We started reporting about the Notion Ink Adam Tablet in October 2010. December 9th pre-sales started and everyone was blown away with the specifications and the overall sleek look of the Adam. Here is a promo showing the “feel” of the UI that Notion Ink published yesterday on vimeo. We all did feel a little bit “sketchy” in Decemeber when we visited the Notion Ink website and there were no videos or even pictures of it being turned on. There are no worries now! Engadget was luckyenough to get some one on one time with this sleek 10-inch Android tablet.

We’ll admit, we’re pleasantly shocked at how much Notion Ink was able to do with it’s Adam tablet. While the Eden UI does seem confusing to us and the software isn’t completely finished in our minds, it’s an incredibly different take on Android for tablets, which is exactly what we’ve needed in the past year. With Honeycomb coming up soon, there’s no telling what Google itself will put out to take advantage of the extra screen space, but at the moment the Adam is one of the most impressive tablets we’ve seen.

The specs on this thing will knock your socks off. Dual core with a NVIDIA Tegra 250 chip, 1GB of ram, a 3.2 MP auto focus swivel camera, and even a mini USB port! Check out the video that Engadget released from CES2011. At the end they compare it to an iPad in the sun, and the Adam is a total win. I am really debating on getting this, it just looks amazing. What do you guys think?

  • elmelao

    get it, the let us know what you think.

  • gcr

    It seems to be the best tablets out there right now. Motorola x
    xoom is still a few months off in the future.

    • oldtaku

      They just announced the Xoom will be available next month. With Honeycomb.

      Which makes the Pixel Qi the one big draw left for this.

      • andy

        Except that the Adam UI looks much better.

        • Robert

          Actually the UI looks extremely laggy for a Tegra 2 tablet. My Viewsonic G-Tablet scrolls much smoother. The pinch-zoom on the Notion looks like the screen lacks true multitouch as well. The Pixel Qi screen is the only interesting thing on this tablet. Everything else seems like too little, too late (since even most pre-orders won’t arrive until after the Xoom ships with Honeycomb).

  • jt

    What’s to debate? It’s the best one out there so far…. if you can get one.

  • stevohump

    can you turn it all the way around and use the handle in your right hand.that would make it convenient page flipping for left handers

    • Yep, you can. Android auto-rotates the screen as required based on the gyros.

  • debating on spending the money! There are so many that will be coming out this year, not sure if I should hold out for HTC or get this to play with for a year or so!

  • The Notion Ink Adam is stealing the show at CES and it just started. I can’t wait to hear who all their parters are, what the bonus mystery feature is, etc. I’m sure we see a lot more great reviews of the Adam tablet!

    • Zey

      you’re everywhere!!!

      • Pankil

        @Zey who commented @Greg
        I guess, so are you…. since you noticed! 🙂

    • Paul Schoe

      Way to go Greg.

      Spread the news for ADAM: the hottest tablet around.

      First batch already sold out and people lining up for the next one.

  • Nathan

    Did anyone notice the faux multitouch when she demoed the pinch to zoom? That is not true multitouch. Looks very similar to the Elocity tablet which only interprets multitouch. That’s too bad if true, as I love the tablet otherwise.

    • Brian

      It is real multitouch but when a person zooms in on the web browser. The browser automatically reformats the text so it is easier to see.

  • ondigo

    Getting one is the difficult part. Their first production run is already completely sold out. I’m hoping some resellers got a bunch of them.

  • David

    I think I’d like to get one, but I can’t find a way to buy it. Am I missing something?

    • Pankil

      Yes pal, you might be missing something (and sadly me too!).
      It’s called courage or faith. …Faith in the product and courage to put down $500 for preorder that happened on Dec 9. At least in my case, I succumbed to Engadget’s negative press. Hopefully it’ll be available again soon.

      • mipstpete

        “Engadget’s negative press.” Not to be really negative about Engadget, but they are just a blog owned by Aol. Remember Aol? ick
        Talk negative about Notion Ink will ya? haha

  • zaggle

    So glad I preordered 🙂

  • andy

    I don’t understand when people will actually be able to get these in hand.

  • james

    Is this a left handed tablet? The buttons are on the left side which mean I have to hold the Tab in my right hand and tab with my left.

  • What took you guys so long ?

    This company has been putting out video demos over the last 2 weeks, and you guys don’t even give them a mention. This is hands down the best Android super-tablet out there. I’m glad I ordered mine before they SOLD OUT of EVERY CONFIGURATION.

    This company has been underrated (and downright lied about, i.e. WIRED’s Vaporware list) for too long. Give credit where credit is due.

    • Pratik Home


  • Todd

    You guys just heard about them in October of 2010? I first heard about them all the way back at CES of January 2010. Heck, I may have heard of them in October of 2009. And you’re supposed to be the Android Tech Journalists.

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  • Cefhoj

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