Skype Acquires Qik for $100 Million

Today at CES, Skype announced their acquisition of Qik, the popular mobile video streaming and video calling service. The agreement was finalized at $100 million.

What does this mean for Android? This means that Skype will be using their new purchase of Qik to integrate video calling into new mobile OS’ like Android. The iPhone received video calling last week, so hopefully Skype won’t wait too long to push the popular feature to our precious Androids.

The video below is Tony Gates’, the CEO of Skype, official announcement about the purchase of Qik. More about this acquisition can be read here.


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  • Jin

    Qik doesn’t do video calling, but rather video recording and streaming (on android anyway). Still an interesting move by skype.

    • Andrew Gomez

      It does video calling on T-Mobile.

    • orama

      of caourse qik does video calls, if you don’t know about you are talking,dont do it

  • JohanS

    Please don’t present things as facts unless they are. The $100 million was only a rumor and another source has said $150 million. It is not confirmed by either company as far as I know.

    This is hardly a fact either: “Skype will be using their new purchase of Qik to integrate video calling into new mobile OS’ like Android”. I think that is your own (fairly reasonable) guess. They might do video calling on Android without including any of Qik’s code, and what you claim is not written in the press release, they only mention recording, sharing and storing.

    I apologize if these things are given explicitly in the video which I can’t listen to where I am.

  • SBI

    Interesting move by skype… :)

  • Obs

    if its true, that’s pretty pathetic demo of Skype being unable to develop it on their own. Never liked Skype, hope Google Voice/Video replaces all of them.