Sneak Peak of the Android Powered Enspert Media Hub Unveiled at CES 2011

Device provider Enspert is giving CES a taste of things to come in 2011 with a sneak peak of their Android-Based Home Network Hub.  The IDENTITY S200 gives the ability to manage, share and enj0y multimedia content.  This new product line includes a new SOIP (service over Internet Protocol) tablet device with the following features:

  • Ability to download and enjoy multimedia content and applications from the Android market.
  • Multimedia content sharing capability across multiple devices, such as your tablet, mobile handset, PC and TV.
  • Android UI-based VoIP video calling.
  • Home monitoring and appliance management from one device via media convergence and cloud interconnectivity.

The IDENTITY S200 also brings forth the ability to interact with mounted smart-grid functions providing an optimized home convergence environment utilizing DLNA, WIFI, Bluetooth and more.  Available for demo at CES 2011 from January 6th-9th in booth #36218.

Currently set for launch in Korea later this month & coming to US, Japan and other leading markets in the coming months.

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