Wildcard Network Releases New Gift Card Android Application

Wildcard Network Inc., develops digital gift card management solutions.  The successful iPhone application is now available on Android with all the same benefits.  It allows a person to buy, give, load and even check the balance on a gift card entirely on their Android device.  We all know how many people carry plastic rather than cash these days.  Well it looks like plastic cards are falling to the wayside now as well. Founder and CEO of Wildcard Network Inc. says this:

“People love their gift cards but are quickly tiring of antiquated, static plastic cards. Now with Android phones, more and more people will look to Wildcard as an easy source for gift giving. We keep making it easier for busy people to save time and money.”

The Wildcard application sends virtual gift cards instantly, allowing them to be consumed either online or at the store.  Customizable greetings, checking card balances and even the ability to convert a physical card to a digital card are some of the features available in this new app.

Visit Wildcard at http://www.wildcardnetwork.com for more information.

  • manderso

    nice when the announce things that are not available yet.