Coby Drops 5 Android Tablets At CES

Value Electronics Manufacturer Coby announced the release of five new tablets, all running Android 2.3.
If you don’t know, Coby is known for the reasonable cost of their products. From HDTVs to dvd players, all are lower than the cost of the name brand competitors. Sometimes, this equals to a lower quality, but not always.  With Coby throwing their hat into the tablet ring, there is now a solid base in the “value” Android tablet market.  More info after the break.
Here is the rundown of the coming tablets from Coby.
KYROS Android Tablets
  • MID7025/MID7206- 7 inch resistive touchscreen (800X480) display
  • MID8025- 8 inch resistive touchscreen (800X480) display
  • MID1025/MID1026-  Both 10.1 inch capacitive touchscreen (1024 x 600) display

The KYROS has the specs to compete with the big boys including 4GB of built-in internal memory expandable to 32GB, 1 GHz processor, (Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g) HDMI support, front facing camera and built in microphone and speakers. Now thats a recipe for AWESOME!
Prices are still unknown at the time of the post but Coby is not exactly know for their extreme prices. What is know is that the new Android tablets look cool and run Android 2.3 aka “Gingerbread” If your on a budget and want a tablet keep an eye out for these bad boys when more gets released.
I found a bit of info on the pricing of the Coby Tablets. This isn’t the set price but an estimate thats being tossed around the web.
KYROS MID7025, MID7020, MID7015, MID7005, MID7206
Price range – $199- $210
7 inch screen

KYROS MID8020, MID8025
Price range – $229- $249
8 inch screen

KYROS MID1025, MID1026
Price range – $299- $330
10 inch screen
  • Any word if any of the tablets will have GPS support? That’s the one feature missing from the inexpensive low-end tablets that keeps me from being interested.

    If Coby (better known for “cheap” than merely “inexpensive” to my mind, but usually priced low enough to make the price worthwhile anyway) puts out any tablet with GPS support at their usual very low price points, they may have the first tablet I actually consider buying.

  • James

    I don’t see the market in any of these so I’m guessing there’s no 3G radio but that’s not a big deal.

    Any 10″ tablet with a capacitive touchscreen, root and enough popularity to get the dev community interested will succeed. There are ALOT of people waiting for something like this in the $200-$300 range to drop out of CES. And a unlocked version with a SIM slot and T-mobile 3G radio would command an extra $100.

  • JPB

    I always associate Coby with stuff that you get in Aisle 2 of CVS.

    Like the shrink wrapped MP3 player that you give to the 7 year old who has been bugging you for an “iPod”.

    Just sayin’.

  • hjl

    I’m actually pretty excited about these…I bought the 7015 and tested the first one and they are definitely great for the price….I only paid 140 for mine on black Friday which wad even more worth it. Coby may not have the best reputation but I’m happy to see the improvement! More accessories would be a plus for me…

    Sent from my Coby Kyros. 🙂

  • 4G or Not To 4G

    I could only see using 3G or 4G if it is a pay to go service. Not doing a contract!

  • Vicky C

    Hey, second picture looks like it’s running Alarm Clock Plus! I use it all the time and I love it. Any word if it’s pre-installed? That’d be pretty cool if manufactures were going to start pre-installing apps from the individual developer side vs just those that companies shell out to promote.

  • Android Sensei

    Guys don’t waste your time.

  • Jose Rodriguez

    I bought the Coby Kyros for $169 (including S/H) and the only thing I didn’t like about it was that it did not have the Android Market installed. I had to get instructions on how to install it through a step by step YouTube video. Now I have it installed and I love it. I wish I knew about the upcoming model with the built-in microphone and camera!

  • Personally I like the idea of keeping the tablet inexpensive by not having/requiring a tether to a mobile provider, however the GPS would be nice, it’s not a purchase-killer for me and thats just more battery to eat up as well.

    I already have my droidx and when i had the coby 7015 I was able to get it to connect to the ad-hoc wifi with an evening of hacking around a bit. It was the lack of horsepower and flash 10 support that led me back to the store to return it.

    I use GPS on my phone and it’s 3G connection for the tablets browsing while in the field so I’m pretty eager and happy with the offerings here. Glad to see Coby seems to have increased efforts on it’s products quality and actually is kind of pioneering the sub-$300 market with Android 2.3 which even the China-man devices have yet to deliver.

  • Steve W

    I have the mid tablet from mp4nation. Android2.2, market loaded and can be hacked for full market. Does not have 3g but does have gps. Comes in at $200. Works great.

  • All of these are your average shenzhen tablets, like the dropad. None of these are coby’s creation. 

  • President

    OMG! Your short article is rife with spelling errors. Buy a dictionary!