Dan Morill: No Minimum Requirements for Honeycomb

Rejoice, folks. This tweet from Dan Morrill, Android Open Source & Compatibility Tech lead,  means more than meets the eye. This officially opens up all possibilities for custom ROM makers, as there aren’t any minimum processor requirements for Honeycomb.

Before you worry that this will mean a whole bunch of crappy low-end tablets, Google’s Tim Bray says it’s not likely, and to those trying, “have fun on the bring-up and QA.”

But it does say another thing: that the rumors that it would require a dual-core processor are false.

The whole episode recalls LG’s brief assertion that it wouldn’t bring Gingerbread to the Optimus series because of a 1Ghz processor requirement. That myth, too, was dispelled by Dan Morrill via his Twitter account.

Source: @morrildl (Twitter)

  • sow ill the samsung vibrant ever recieve this i mean is till havent gotten froyo and im thinking to just go back to my nexus one or buy a mt4g or try my best to get a nexus s

  • jdog25

    Why is everyone who is claiming they will have a Honeycomb tablet say that they are running a Tegra2 processor. The question was that if “tablets with honeycomb” require a dual core. I have no doubt that the phone version does not because Andy Rubin said that it was coming to phones but that it would change because of the screen size. Also why would Google release the Nexus S without a dual core if Honeycomb for phones required it, we all know that the Nexus phones get the updates first.

    Can someone at Androidguys find out if they meant Honeycomb for tablets & phones or just phones.

  • Steve

    One word…. ROOT!

  • Zero

    that great now i know my samsung galaxy tab will run honeycomb someday….actually i dont have the galaxy tab haha but i will

    • dika

      you will not get that updates. Galaxy tab is a Phone with Bigger Screen not a Tablet. when you install the Honeycomb i doubt that you will able to do a phone call, idk but I hope you’re right