HTC EVO Saves a Mans Life!

A HTC EVO saves a mans life!

We all know Android is awesome. Well now we have another reason to tout that Android is the best. Not just in mobile operating systems but in lifesaving devices.

John Garber was a valet at a local night club in Atlanta. After two men were thrown out of the club. They soon got into an argument that lead to a brief shoot out. During the firefight John was hit through the back of his jacket by one of the flying bullets. Luckily John had in HTC EVO stuffed in the inside pocket.  The bullet pierced his jacket and was stopped, centimeters away from his chest by the battery of the phone.

No need for bullet proof vests, just strap some Android on! Not really, don’t try this at home.

Now John has this reminder of the life saving battery.

Associated Press posted video on youtube of interview with John below.


  • CzechPleez

    If you watch the original news cast from the Atlanta news station you will clearly read and hear the victim talk about his Sprint HTC EVO being hit by gunfire. Not sure how or where you are getting Droid Incredible out of this but I can guess who’s sponsoring you.

    ‘Garber works for National Parking. The company is paying to replace Garber’s phone, an HTC Evo. “I would never us another phone again,” said Garber.

    Now Garber is waiting for endorsements, “Sprint can contact me whenever they would like or HTC.”‘

  • Theweakend

    That’s incredible!

  • jimmy

    Actually an EVO, he is on sprint.

  • dreamdirepriest

    Wow!!! that’s great. Glad for him. I usually keep my android in my front pocket so it only protects my femoral artery. I may have to move it to the source of the blood flow. Probably do that when I go to clubs at night or to Atlanta :-). Decision pending.

    One thing I would like to point out and one of the reasons why I hate the Iphones fad is that in this AP report there was no mention of the phone brand (I have not yet checked the written article of this news item). If it were for the “Iphone” the reporter would have said his “Iphone” saved the day…his Iphone wiped for him…..his Iphone fed him…..etc. It is this sort of bias towards the inferior Iphone that gets on my nerves. Anyway #^$& it. Android is beating the hell out of the Iphone anyway.

    ****End of rant****

    Thanks for bearing it.