MSI Android Tablet is 10.1 Inches of Goodness

MSI has pulled off the covers for its WindPad 100A tablet. It runs Android (unclear which version) with a 10.1-inch touchscreen, GPS, and of course WiFi. There’s also some 3G compatibility, but no announcements regarding carriers. We’ll see if we can find some more info on this bad boy. The WindPad 100A has a ton of I/O ports, from USB to HDMI, and they’ve all been tested to withstand time. The WindPad 100A will be available in “Q1 2011″, starting at $499. We’ll keep you posted if any more news comes in on this device. Feel free to comment below and give us your thoughts on this Android tablet!

Source BusinessWire

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  1. jael
    January 07, 20:34 Reply

    iWonder if it might rival the iPad with those specs! I also wonder what googol of yummies would be in iGoogle ice cream. See Google Ice Cream to vote.

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