Download This: Mobile Security by Trend Micro


As we mentioned a few days ago, Trend Micro has released an Android app called Mobile Security that gives users a wide range of ways to prevent compromise of  information. Here are some screen shots of what’s available from Mobile Security for protecting your precious Android devices.

Safe Surfing
Protects your identity and banking information from phishing attacks on fraudulent websites.
Parental Controls
Prevents your children from accessing inappropriate content on Android devices.
Call and Text Filtering
Blocks unwanted phone calls or text messages (SMS/MMS).
Download Protection
Stops you from downloading fraudulent or malicious Android apps

In addressing the increasing awareness of the vulnerability of mobile devices, Trend Micro covers all the bases with this app.

Mobile Security is available in the Android Market as a free 30 day trial, with the full app for $3.99. Not bad, go give it a try if you’re concerned about the security of your Android device.

Download via AppBrain or by scanning the QR code.


  1. I was using this until the latest version turned it into a trial version. I guess the best software goes about its business without letting you know anything went wrong or perhaps, I was never in trouble.

    I was surprised to find that they went from free to paid. It’s not a huge difference, but I saw nothing when I first installed it that led me to believe that it would change.

    Has anyone experienced a situation where this (or other, equivalent) software would have helped?

  2. I downloaded the 30 day trial offer and purchase price was $3.99.  At the end of my trial the price went up to $29.99.  What a way to rip you off!!!!