Enter TeleNav’s Contest to Win 1 Year of Smart Phone Service!

TeleNav recently launch a new online community called Get Satisfaction and they want you to know about it. To help up the awareness factor, they have created an awesome contest where they will award one lucky winner a free year of smart phone service. Valued at $1,320.00 and paid out in the form of a Visa Gift Card, the grand prize equates to twelve months of service at a rate of $108.00 per month.   Assuming your bill is at or around that each month, this is one heck of a deal!  So how do you get entered?  Oh that’s easy!

First up, you just need to enter any three pieces of information on the Get Satisfaction community.  This can be any combination of asking a question, writing a review, sharing an idea, etc.  Other than that, the only other thing you need to do is provide a valid email address in your Get Satisfaction profile.  This way, they can contact you when you win!  Please note that entrants must click “share my email with TeleNav” when submitting content.

The contest runs from today, January 10th until Friday, January 14th.  Now get over there, why don’t ya?!

  • Elvis

    Groovy! Done and done!

  • michelle hill

    posted 3 questions. Added email..retweet and following @mishlovesj…Are you on Facebook? I would love to win and so desperatly need this..Thanks for the chance!

  • RUBEN. Watson

    I have been using telenav over 6 yes before my phone had gps had to get Bluetooth receiver. Its still the best Service out there.

  • RUBEN. Watson

    Over 6 years

  • Michelle Simons

    I did all the above. Wonderful site. @MCJunkie

  • Michelle Simons