Froyo Headed to myTouch 3G 1.2 and Fender LE While Slide Users Wait

Rejoice newer myTouch users! Months after original myTouch owners had their Froyo delivered, T-Mobile has just announced that the myTouch 1.2 (3.5mm headphone jack version) and the myTouch Fender LE are the next in line for the tasty treat. MyTouch Slide users still have to wait a little bit longer, though, due to two specific issues.

The OTA updates will begin this Wednesday, January 12th, and will be pushed to all users by February 1st. What is not noted in the announcement is the myTouch Slide, which was promised the update back in June with the rest of the myTouch crew. TmoNews got a scoop that there are two issues left to resolve on the Slide’s 2.2 update before launch. First, wifi calling isn’t working correctly. Also,  the OTA is not successfully downloading to the right system partition. TmoNews noted that HTC is aware of the issues and is “actively working on a fix.” Hopefully Slide users will not have to wait too much longer for some delicious Froyo.

Is anyone eagerly awaiting this update? Have you been too impatient and rooted your device instead? Sound off in the comments! Read more about the impending update in T-Mobile’s forum post.

  • I want Froyo on my HTC Magic. Too bad I have to wait for HTC Brasil.

  • I already HAVE froyo™ on my 3G Slide. Thanks, CyanogenMod!

  • bubbakush

    This is all just ridiculous. Almost a year to get one update? Wow. But what bothers me more is that the entire time they say nothing. Now finally they speak and dont make mention of the slide. They like having their paying customers wait with baited breath. If this is any indication of how android/tmobile will carry future updates i’m not buying another one of these cheap devices. (Corny sense ui, browser issues, memory issues, the list goes on).

  • Sonny Montague

    So will I be able to recieve the update even though I don’t have the Stock Kernel?
    I’ve been waiting FOREVER for this update and it would kill me if I had to reset my phone completely just to get it. 🙂

  • P’O’d customer

    I’m not holding my breath anymore. I asked and was assured that froyo would be on the device ‘ very soon’. This was before the phone was even officially available at all locations, aka EFFING FOREVER AGO! and as usual, there’s always some b.s. excuse. There’s been promises made since before the phone was even out. As far as I’m concerned, I won’t believe it until the day it asks me if i want to update.

  • Justin

    Would it have been faster to let us write the code for the update (instead of tmobile) and submit it to them for review? It’s been too long waiting for this update and there’s only going to be more and more android devices in the future. There are thousands of tmobile customers who can help out (as opposed to a few tmobile employees). It is open-sourced after all. Still waiting on my official ota update.

  • Carol

    Sooooo very disappointed with the updated. The update has all but fried my Fender and they no longer have Fenders, so I’m being offered a completely different phone that is not even a My Touch. The phone they’re offering is still waiting for the same update! Uggh….I wish they would just get it together!

  • Doug

    Update sucks my fender was great until the update no it’s just a step above a brick

  • John

    The update has destroyed my phone. Unbearably slow and after factory data resets (plural), hours and hours of “just letting it sync; don’t touch!” and reboot after reboot and whatever else TMo’ and the forums suggest it doesn’t get better!

    They better give me a 4G or they can stick the contract and cancellation fee where the sun don’t shine…

    • Former Fender Phone User

      John – keep after them for the 4G. My Fender is being replaced at no charge with the HTC MyTouch 4G. (and I’m keeping the Fender, just to have it). The Fender won’t do them any good, anyway – it’s useless with 2.2 installed.

      • Talk

        Wait how do you get the replacement? because my mytouch is more jacked up then ever?

  • Former Fender Phone User

    I really liked the Fender, being a Fender guitar player for many years. But the update fried mine. 2.2 might be nice??? but the Fender doesn’t have the power to run it, and it become only useful as a phone – nothing more. All other apps, you may as well forget, including web access. T-Mobile is offering replacement with HTC 4G – don’t settle for anything less! There is no work-around for the Fender – can’t go back to old Android version, and getting rid of all apps didn’t even help at all. Frustrating that they would do this! They should have warned Fender myTouch users to NOT install the Android upgrade!

    • Tmobile rocks :)

      Really how do you get the replacement?