RUMOR: Ice Cream to be 2.4, Summer Release?

I know what you’re thinking: “Honeycomb was just announced last week, and now we’re hearing Ice Cream rumors?” Well, yes. Rumor has it that not only is the next Android version going to be named Ice Cream, it’ll sport the 2.4 version number. Honeycomb is 3.0, so it’s a bit odd for Google to backtrack numbers to 2.4. But, Honeycomb was designed especially for tablets, so if you’re keeping score at home, the latest version for phones is 2.3, which explains why Ice Cream is 2.4. Confused yet? We’re hearing whispers of a June or July release, and an announcement at Google I/O in May. No word on what features Ice Cream will bring, but I’m sure more info will flow in soon enough.

Google has stated that they want to stagger updates, releasing 2 per year. In 2010, they released 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3. Just a week into 2011 and we’ve already seen 3.0. Google has some work to do if they want to meet their goals on this one. But a June release would fit the timeline. We’ll let you know if we hear a date or any more info on Ice Cream. Anyone else feel like the updates are too close together? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Eddie

    Well its good news since I’m getting the Nexus S. I currently have the Nexus One so getting the updates on time is so great.

  • choder

    If you subscribe to this rumour you’ve overlooked the fact that 2.4 is less than 3.0 yet I comes AFTER H…

    • That’s why we’ve tagged this as a rumor. (Note the first word of the title). There’s no official word on what version number Ice Cream will be, or when it’ll be released. This is all just speculation, as always.

  • Andrew

    Also engadget has a post on the sony ericsson arc was it that was snapped with 2.4 at CES.. apparently that was sony’s doing and not google and not version 2.4.

    Plus Martias Durtas (spelling?) lead UI guy for android also said honycomb was the direction the entire android platform was going…

  • TheGoodAir

    Hell no these updates aren’t coming too fast. Now that I have a Nexus S, as far as I’m concerned they can come as fast as they’d like to crank ’em out! If I were still using my Vibrant, that’d be a different story.

  • I don’t think they’re coming too fast, either. I’d like to see more pressure on phone manufacturers to remember that “upgradability” is a feature that attracts us to the platform and for them and other software developers to keep that in mind instead of whining about the apparently-shocking fact that technology (especially new and broadly popular technology) progressively improves.

    • Steve

      I agree with Epicanis…we wait too long to see the upgradability on our devices. The maximum we should wait is 2 weeks after the availability of the new Android release. No excuses.

  • megalosdog

    I wonder if my old droid 2 will get anymore updates

  • Priscilla

    Before I had the new version of the Android Market that does not work well on my HTC Tattoo. Now I use Appoke ( which is a social appstore for Android devices and it works really well, don’t have any more problems.

  • Rob

    still waiting for 2.3 on my original droid 🙁

  • Elvis

    <3 🙂

  • Xel

    Maybe the two shall meet again when most of the smartphone has dual-core processors?

  • Marco

    Quality over quantity. If I see how buggy 2.3.1 is I wish Google would put more effort in ironing out bugs and glitches. The user experience of Gingerbread is not so exciting. There is still a lot of lagging on The Nexus S especially the home launcher and the browser. It happenend quiet often that you swipe and nothing happens. You have to swipe a second time to move, scroll etc.

    • megalosdog

      Iknow every android os I have ever used had flaws