Samsung Announces Blu-ray Player and Companion Box With Google TV Support

As expected, Samsung has officially joined Sony and Logitech as official Google TV partners.  Last week’s CES saw the company announcing (PDF) both a Blu-Ray Player and companion box with Google TV capabilities. Both devices run Android and will allow consumers to watch television and surf the internet at the same time.  In addition to these, Samsung has designed a special Google TV remote control that will feature a full QWERTY keypad and microphone for voice search.  Pricing is not yet known whereas availability is somewhat vague with the “first half of 2010” listed. We expect them to be priced similar to the Sony Blu-Ray player and Logitech Revue once they debut. Here’s hoping that Google is able to convince the various networks to play ball by the time these arrive.

  • Just waiting for the smoke to clear from CES, then it’s GoogleTV go time !

  • Michael S.

    Heh, go Andrude! I personally own a Logitech Revue that I purchased through my company (DISH Network) at the reduced customer price of $179. I find it amazing. The seamless integration of the entire web and my DISH programming and DVR contents into one interface on my TV has completely changed the way I watch TV. I seriously think this is the future of TV, especially the advanced integration with DISH Network equipment.

  • Dr Fill

    My experience with the Revue is nothing but positive. What I want is the market and the full Chrome browser.