Samsung Expected to Debut Android 2.3-Powered Phones with Super AMOLED Plus Screens at MWC

Samsung is rumored to be prepping a few new “Gingerbread” Android 2.3-based devices for next month’s Mobile World Congress.  Further, these devices are said to be using a new Super AMOLED Plus screen.  As to exactly what that means remains to be seen, but we imagine it has something to do with brightness, resolution, and battery.  The stage will be just as big as last week’s CES 2011 as all the major players travel to Barcelona for the four day event. Samsung shows no sign of a waning love for Android as their Galaxy S series of phones and tablets continue to do well across the world.  Look for more news in the coming weeks, ahead of the conference.

“These phones are going to cut a new figure in the smartphone market,” Shin Jong-kyun, head of mobile branch

Via: OLED-info

  • Damon Mc

    that’s all fine and dandy…but how about pushing 2.2 for most of the other Galaxy S phones in the US?

    • Chuck

      Absolutely. I like my Galaxy S but it really seems ridiculous that they have not gotten beyond 2.1. It is why I got my wife a Nexus S. Google will do updates.

  • anon

    Before buying a Samsung, I need some kind of commitment from them to update Android in a timely manner on their devices.

    • Rene

      That what makes the Samsung/Google Nexus S special, the update commitment.

      All the manufactures can commit on is possible upgrades to version already out there. They can’t predict the future on Android versions that haven’t been build yet.

  • Pax

    Samsung SUCKS….Period…..