Watch Google Goggles Solve a Sudoku Puzzle [VIDEO]


Google has just released version 1.3 of their uber-nifty Goggles application for Android and it’s pretty neat.  As part of the update, the app now has the ability to recognize print ads from magazines and newspapers and return results.  Designed to work with ads appearing is ‘zines and papers running from August 2010 and beyond, Goggles will return web search results about the brands or products featured in the advertisements.  The other insanely awesome feature is the ability to solve Sudoku puzzles with the push of a button.  Yeah, it’s as easy as it sounds.  Check out the video below for a glimpse into how simple it really is. 

Oh yeah, we almost forgot – everything else is faster, too!

NOTE: We’ve heard reports that Goggles doesn’t work for everyone after the update, getting a “error 502.” You might want to wait a tad before doing the update.

  • Steve Stair

    If the OCR didn’t drop at least one digit from the puzzle every time I took the picture, this would be pretty good.

    • Hmm, I tried it earlier today on various puzzles and it worked in all cases. The hardest puzzles I could find didn’t even seem to slow it down. I’m on a Galaxy S, maybe it’s your camera?

  • Mac

    That would be a lot more interesting if Sudoku puzzles were actually useful.