Rubin: Next Android Release will be Ice Cream Sandwich

Image: Jeff Golden

We all assumed it’d be Ice Cream, but, admittedly, an ice cream statue might look a lot like a frozen yogurt statue. TechCruch is reporting that in a conversation about last month, Android’s Andy Rubin let slip the code name Ice Cream Sandwich in reference to the Android release that comes after Honeycomb.

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He just mentioned it in passing, and he has in past misdirected us in such matters, referring to the release currently known as Froyo as “Flan” back in 2009, so who knows what we’ll end up with. Icing?

  • Evo1

    All this talk about food is making this Guy hungrrry bout to warm up my leftovers

  • ohhh icing! I like that!

  • Does it come in chocolate flavor :D?

  • JaylanPHNX

    It’s pronounced Ice Cream Sammich.