Samsung SCH-R910 to be MetroPCS’s First LTE Device?

We’ve found some shots of a new Samsung device that’s rumored to be headed to MetroPCS. The only name we have to go on at the moment is the model number, SCH-R910. It’s essentially another Galaxy S phone, with a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, TouchWiz, and a micro SD card slot. There are a few exceptions: it runs Froyo, and it has CDMA and LTE radios. This would be the first LTE device for MetroPCS, and it’s not too bad of a start. It’s rumored to be released sometime in Q1 contract-free at around $329 to $399.

So, a Galaxy S with Froyo (and TouchWiz, of course) and LTE capabilities. Did MetroPCS just one-up Verizon? We’ll let you be the judge of that. We’ll see if we can’t find some more infoAnyone else excited to see MetroPCS stepping it up?

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  1. Travis
    January 11, 11:34 Reply

    They should have use the nexus s layout for their buttons…

  2. Ernie
    January 11, 13:55 Reply

    yeah craft first device, this ones first android lte.

    llooks nice.

  3. ariash
    January 18, 09:16 Reply

    can you please tell me if the new samsung phone for metro pcs come with two cameras???

  4. Purpose30349
    February 04, 14:28 Reply

    I am super excited that this phone is headed to MetroPCS. I am a true MetroPCS and Samsung fan that ws just about to upgrade from the Caliber to the Craft, but I will wait for this great phone to be released. THANK YOU SAMSUNG AND METRO!! I WAS TORN BETWEEN THE LG OPTIMUS OR CRAFT BECAUSE OF THE DROID FEATURES (APPS) BUT I LOVE SAMSUNG FEATURES!!!!

  5. Rsa course
    March 31, 14:29 Reply

    I own a Samsung Genoa(Corby) and it looks the same as this but with different software and other features of course. In terms of mobile phones I highly regard Samsung.

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