Software Update for Samsung Fascinate Available Now

The first sizable update (still Android 2.1) to the Samsung Fascinate has made its way online, adding a number of new features and improvements.  As detailed by Verizon, the i500.DL09 update provides the latest versions of V CAST Videos, City ID, VZ Navigator, and Amazon Kindle as well as some key changes to widgets, email and other general touch-ups.

If you haven’t been notified on your Fascinate but really want to grab the update for yourself, Verizon has put together a quick guide to walk you through (PDF) the process.

  • matt

    Tried the user initiated update from the verizon PDF link on this page and my fascinate says there are no new updates. How can I tell if I don’t already have this update?

    • Shane

      Hey to all of you, you must turn off wi-fi, it took me a few times, but finally got the update, why it took so long Im not sure. Just keep trying I guess.

    • Shane

      Also, if anyone plans on rooting after the update, make sure you get all the right files or stuff wont work right, like vib, text, and I forgot the other. After I got all the right files I’m all back to rooted normal totally customized to my likings. AOSP slide lock, battery % reading, gps works great now, pop up text notifier, on and on more goodies, themed, no verizon on start up, and the best is it’s a lot faster with a choice of kernals.

  • I experienced the same issue as Matt. Frustrating.

  • Darkseider

    How about Froyo instead of these piecemeal service updates. Seems every damned Galaxy phone out there except for the Fascinate and the Captivate have gotten some good ‘ole Froyo.

    • Duncle

      Epic 4g also did not get Froyo, it’s a problem all across the Galaxy S line

  • Tyler

    Update won’t work for me either

  • Kerry

    I had a problem getting the update when my phone was in wifi mode. I got a message that the server was not available. Once I switched to 3g the update came through. Kerry

  • 2 days later and no update!

  • Ningyo

    No luck for me yet on Wifi or 3G. I’ve gotten the server not available message, but most often I get nothing at all… I wonder when. I’m anxious to see what these “updates and improvements” are. 🙂

  • Ningyo

    Me again… lol …phone just updated. Did it on 3G and not wifi, if that matters. It’s just booting up, so time to see what it did. 🙂

  • Jackson

    Mine downloaded fine, but when it was updating it said failed to verify signature and didn’t update.

  • Jackson


  • Gos219

    some of the early fascinates had the wrong build in them and won’t update. the 1st 10k have to be replaced …mine was one of them and would not update at all verizon sent me a new phone next day and gave me a month free to cover hte apps i had purchased and the inconvenience

  • ahmad

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