Vote Now: Will You Leave Your Android Phone for a Verizon iPhone?

Well, the rumors finally proved to be true.  Assuming you haven’t been online, in front of a TV, listened to a radio, or talked to anyone yet today, you already know: Verizon is getting the iPhone starting February 10th.  Our question to you is this – Will you leave your Android phone for the iPhone now that it is on a different network?

We’ve met more than a couple of people who said the only reason they got an Android phone was because they didn’t want to go to AT&T.  We’ve also talked to folks who said they’d be ready to ditch their Droid for an iPhone the minute Verizon releases it.  Are you one of those people?

Hit the jump to vote in our very unscientific poll and tell us.  After you’re done, leave a comment explaining why or why you chose the way you did!

  • NotAChance

    Not a chance would I buy and iPhone. . . or any iDevice.
    How many reasons do I need to list?

    Apple’s price gouging
    Apple’s constant “milking” of customers by not doing the product hardware properly the first time.
    iTunes for everything – just shoot me!
    iFanboys – do I really want to be one of them?
    A gimped OS
    A closed locked down OS/product
    Outdated hardware
    Steve Jobs – can’t support such a massive hypocrite & liar
    It’s an Apple product. . . do I really need any other reason not to buy it?

    etc. .

    • Takzilla

      Wow, Notachance, you just listed every excuse I have against Apple!

      • you missed “Inability to learn from the Apple //”, for crying out loud, he was THERE !

  • anon

    polling androidguys users isn’t very scientific

    • Scott Webster

      I made sure that it says, “Hit the jump to vote in our very unscientific poll and tell us”. We readily admit that. On the other hand, it does also put a finger on the pulse of Android readers and enthusiasts.

      • Polo.79

        So was the website supposed to post it somewhere else? Lols. Get a life iclone.

    • anon

      For the particular question its not too bad. I’m willing to bet that people who frequent Android Guys are reasonably representative of people who choose to buy Android phones.

      • You read and think before typing……tisk tisk…

    • Tim

      When the Poll is simply asking “how many ANDROID users are thinking of switching” I think an android site is the best place to ask. where should the question be asked? On the apple site? Doesn’t make sense to ask android users on the apple site does it? Nah didn’t think so either.

    • 4G or Not To 4G

      @anon…the poll is about Android users…who are they suppose to poll…dahhhhh!

  • For various reasons I’m stuck on Verizon. So it really depends on whether or not they’ll ever offer a vanilla Android device like the Nexus S – really sick of the manufacturer skins. And while I’m not shy about rooting it shouldn’t be something I need to do to get vanilla.

    • anakin78z

      Good point. I wish every carrier would have at least one stock Android device. It was the dream of the Nexus One, but it doesn’t sound like the Nexus S is even dreaming that big, and half of Verizon’s devices are ‘looking forward’ to being upgraded to Android 2.2 sometime this year.

      • Todd

        I don’t even like the Nexus S. I expect Samsung is trying to get it on all the carriers, but I doubt the CDMA companies will allow it, just like the Nexus One. With AT&T, they don’t really need their permission, since all customers have to do is swap out the SIM.

  • anakin78z

    Not a chance. I probably didn’t get an iPhone way back when just because I wasn’t on AT&T, but now that I’ve had my Android for a while, I just can’t justify switching one way or another. Sure, there are still a few nice things the iPhone can do that Android can’t (mainly due to stellar app support… sure, we’ll get Hulu & Netflix eventually, but it sure does take a while), but the list of things I would have to give up to switch to iOS is much, much larger still. I love my little bugdroids. Can’t wait to get a Xoom.

  • josh

    I have a Touch and an iPad and like them so I know what the iphone is capable of. Nevertheless, the iphones don’t have Flash or free audible turn by turn directions. Nor can you customize the iphone the way you can the androids. The main difference I see with the iphone is that they are developing an app that you can pee on to detect stds but who needs that other than professional athletes and politicans?

  • Smoke-1331

    You know I wanted a iphone for the longest time, then the Droid 1 came out and then all of the others (currently a Droid X owner) and I realized the android os is alot like humans (think about it) we all come in different sizes shapes colors (not being racist) but all of us all have the same thing inside android. Yes there may be bugs at times and quirks but that’s all life itself. I don’t want to be looked at as another “iphone user” because iphone says one thing to me, You are all the same no difference. That’s what I love about android I will always be a android person and that will never change till the day I die

  • Andrew Jones

    Hmmm will I leave Android to get an Apple iPhone?

    A device with a warranty that will not be honoured if I happen to use my phone outside? If I use my phone in a place where cigarette smoke is present or the most recent stupidity –

    If I use my phone outside when the ambient temperature is below 0’C???

    No I think I will stick with my HTC Desire which performs in all these conditions thanks.

    ( Apple refuse to repair iPhone claiming it has been used in an ambient temperature that exceeds what it is built for – )

  • replicant

    to be honest, i originally said i would, if it would have been an LTE ready model, maybe, just maybe i would have. now, i’m going to have to either wait for the bionic (the one i want the most) or the thunderbolt.

  • Eddie

    Hell no! I refuse to be an iDiot iSheep. Love Androids.

  • Steve

    I plan to get the iPhone 4 from Verizon, but keep my Galaxy Tab with Android. One complaint I have about Android is the wait between a new android releast and the Mfg ability to port it to their devides.

    At least when Apple announces a new IOS, it’s available to everyone.

    • Todd

      That’s been true when there’s only one carrier. Will it still be true when there’s two carriers they have to deal with? Remember, you don’t know about the update until AT&T says Apple can release it. With, Google, they don’t ask anybody if they can release an update.

  • Scmo

    Leave to acquire a phone made by a power hungry controlling company on a power hungry controlling network? Not a chance.

  • mark

    While I would agree that anyone who likes tech and has been using an Android would probably stay at this point, had this question been asked to an open audience – you know john and jane q public – not so sure how the results would pan out.

    I still don’t think the average consumer looking for a Smartphone really knows what Android is, per se. They definitely know what an iPhone is.

    If there was only a way to get a consistent message about Android out there. But that would require the manufacturers (and Google) to agree on a direction.

    Here at my company I’m already having to put the “whoa” on the folks wanting the iPhone. At this point, it’s not even a “world” phone. So the exec giving up his BB Storm 2 for the iPhone on Verizon is going to be pretty disappointed!

    I only briefly considered the iPhone, and that was as a “settle”. I didn’t really want it, but at the time Android was too new and I did want a “pocket computer”. Glad I waited for the Nexus 1 (and now onto Nexus S)!

  • Funny how the lIePhone shows up at verizon a week after it was announced that there now more android users and the stocks are higher.. i wouldnt use an apple product even if i was paid monthly…show us some more desperation as your ship sinks faster every week apple…im lovin it….haha…in responce to comment above about not having vanilla avail for whichever device you want…..its android guy…root your phone and put whatever rom you want with whatever look you want….isnt that the whole point of android is to be able to have it your way…oppossed to apple who says have it their way and no you cant change it tuff shizzle…Android enthusiast for life…i new Android would eventually crush apple since the first google G1 tv commercial and been supporting it since…i love my heavily modded HTC Vision G2

    • Howie_in_AZ

      “isnt that the whole point of android is to be able to have it your way…oppossed to apple who says have it their way and no you cant change it tuff shizzle”

      If the whole point of Android was to be able to have it my way, why does HTC, Motorola, et al continue to make it difficult to ‘root’ my phones in the same manner that Apple makes it difficult to jailbreak their phones?

      Furthermore, why do I respond to fanboy posts using logic?

      • 1 its the carriers requesting this security to stop the root not htc and motorola
        2 anyway its fun and rewarding to get past their so called security
        3 since its the carriers requesting this and htc, moto, ssung etc.. doing it…it has absolutely nothing to do with the open freedom of the android os

        Why do u think the nexus 1 from google not a carrier had the option to unlock bootloader in one click if you agreed to the terms of a voided warranty.

        If they didnt have some kind of block on the phones… tards like you would be bricking devices all day long then crying for warranty, the result would be then sending these great companies bankrupt from replacing devices that didnt fail on their own.

        From my understanding If u jailbreak an i phone then access your itunes you get caught and are then basically locked out of most of your phone…now thats friggin stupid…we need iphones to be available for tards like you to own, it keeps the ignorance level down amongst the android dont deserve android..have a miserable co existance with your horrid device

  • I would NEVER give up on Android!

    Some reasons why Android pwns iPhone 😀
    -iPhone is so damn expensive -.-
    -iPhone got no ways to customize the homescreens, that is one of the reasons I love Android<3
    -iPhone got only one button, which makes us unable to have any "Menu" option, so the applications are filled with options on the top line or bottom line.
    -iTunes is the biggest piece of crap I've EVER used -.-
    -No ability to delete music directly from the music library.

    • James

      I like this in Android too, but I have some bad news for you about Honeycomb…

  • George

    What does Android offer that Apple/iOS does not:

    Freedom and Flexibility : To Load what I want either from the market or from the web. I can customize to my heart’s content. Not stuck with iTunes!

    Choice : Multiple phones with varying form factors and Multiple carriers

    Latest Greatest Hardware : With the iPhone you get 1 new phone a year. Several newer and better Android devices come out each month.

    Costs : As a developer, one customer commented that the apps he bought from Apple on average cost considerably more than the same Android App. Do the iPhone users enjoy paying more?

    Competition : Apple decides what apps can and cannot be published. This reduces competition and improved apps.

    Better OS : Android has so much more built in functionality and features than the apple ios.

  • Why would anyone want to have one of each meaning the 1 phone and 1 tablet of each os? That makes no sense at all…you would have to buy each app twice…your devices wouldnt be in sync…googles sync around your gmail makes it soo easy to have an android phone and android login with your gmail click sync and boom everything matches up…what you download on phone is now on your tab and the other way around..etc with any other sync releated feature…i dont get the rational behind this it doesnt fit the “im getting the best of both worlds catagory” in that situation at all

  • Nope, won’t do it.

    We finally decided on buying MyTouch 4Gs a few weeks ago, knowing that the iPhone was certain to come out on Verizon in January. Why we stayed with Android/T-Mobile:

    – Our plan (two phones) was grandfathered in on our new contract, so we’re paying $20/month less than what we would with the iPhone on Verizon. ($59.99 for 750 minutes and $25 for unlimited data)
    – The buy-1-get-1 deal was great. (so $200 savings over the iPhone)
    – Oh yeah…we live 50 yards from a T-Mobile antenna…
    – GOOGLE NAV. This was a huge reason – my wife is used to it from her G1, and the likes of it is not available on iOS at no additional cost.
    – BUT…I’m not a fanboy: I acknowledge the greatness of Apple products. And the savings on our phones will go towards the iPad 2.0 (hopefully WiFi only).

    We will thus have the best of both worlds: Android and iOS.

    Anyone who says on either side that one is unequivocally better than the other is simply fan-speaking. This day and age, there are so many factors to determine one’s “best” situation: geography (network), ease of use, personal preference in the specifics of a device (hard keyboard, size, etc.). You can look down on Apple users and they can look down on you, but the fact of the matter is that some people’s better situation might be determined by factors other than what determines your better situation.

    • Don

      I pay 70 dollars on verizon for 450 min unlimited text, picture message, and data

  • Crankerchick

    The iPhone 4G isn’t a good buy with LTE devices dropping soon. Knowing that I want an root-friendly device, any iPhone likely won’t end up in my hands, but I’m sure I would at least “look” at it when the next one comes out.

  • Willie Liddell

    Not now, not later, or anytime! I love the android OS and also the Cellular South provider. I am aware of the many changes undergoing on the android platform and frankly I don’t think there will be a phone to compete in the coming years. Remember, android is in its infant stage but you don’t have to look far to see the giant steps it is taking!


  • No way, if I switched I would lose access to all the Android apps I’ve paid for!

  • Alejandro


  • I had ATT for past 3 years while the lIePhone was avail…rather then have that i started with an unlocked G1 Dev phone and delt with the 2G edge.

    then paid a high $350 for a Canadian Rogers Dream (their G1) to finally have H 3.5G speeds on AT&T now going faster than the lIePhones

    Then when the liephone4 came out i paid a ridiculous $600 for a canadian Telus Milestone (motoDroid in gsm) also H speeds on ATT and worth every penny to have while still under contract with those bums who unfortunately cant understand that some ppl do want a physical keyboard and no the backflop wouldnt do

    Now out of contract wasnt about to pay $850 for canadian HTC Desire Z to have H speeds and a keyboard with ATT and moved my family plan to tmob and got 2 G2’s and an HD2 that is now fully converted to android (which by the way is amazing) a free 4.3″ HTC device that now perfectly runs android 2.2.1 (what a deal) all three amazing devices for less $ then 1 lIePhone4 at ATT

    How can apple release 4 devices that are all the same except for small upgrade each time never giving the option of a physical kb or the abilty to use an sd card and a home screen that looks like my open app drawr that can not be changed other then paying to much for a wallpaper that is hard to even see behind all the icons, its just ridiculous u have to pay for a new phone just to get not even half of what a free android os upgrade offers a few times a year.. the point to what i say above is… i payed way more then i had to, too just avoid being stuck with a rotten cr-apple product

  • Marc

    Hell no screw verizon they f*cked over there costumers with there greed, verizon can take all there phones & there company & shove it up there ass. I wouldn’t go to verizon if somebody paid me

    • I agree vzw is expensive, the Tmob seems to be doing the best and is by far the cheapest of the 4. Paying $150 a month including all taxes and fees for a 3000 minute unlimited everything else 3 phone family plan and can add 2 more lines for extra $5 each if i wanted. 5 sims for $160 a mo with no data speed cap…loving this…was paying over 220 a mo for ATT before with half the minutes going over and getting raped on the bill several hundred sometimes…for slower speed and no good device selection

  • megalosdog

    I’m torn. I like ios because of polish and consistent updates but I would miss out on some nice android features. Also I am not liking the lag and flaws that android has, seems like google pushes out updates without putting enough time into it

  • Usman

    That’s like asking if we’d leave a supermodel wife for a worn out but high-priced pro.

    • kimberly

      good comparison!!! lol

  • Z

    Not a chance. I am a dork, but never a girl.

  • Bo

    Me – definitely not since I develop for the platform. Said that I suppose a lot of people will for various reasons. And it’s OK. Unlike iFunboys (or aFunboys) I don’t want to live in the world dominated by one OS. Good, healthy competition is good for consumers, and good for companies

  • Never!

    1st I would never go with Verizon. See Marc’s remarks.
    2nd I like to use my smart phone how ever way I want to use it not how Steve Jobs wants me to use it.

  • Elvis

    After an amazing CES like that? I don’t THINK SO! No 4g no dual core just the samebole iphone… and then they are already working in a 5 for when was it? Late this year or next? And probably a new os to make your current iphone craps like they did to the 3gs. HAHAHA Bionic, here I come!

  • DF

    I’m like Rick Astley about Android

  • kimberly

    shoot no!!! why would i want a icrap, the phone that is still in the dark ages when i can and do have a awesome android!

  • Jason

    Well seeing as the phone will be almost a year old, no dual core processor and , wait for it…..NO LTE, you’d be pretty foolish to part with year money for this device!! Droid Bionic all the way…. HTML 5 and Adobe Flash support, LTE and dual core !!!

  • DH

    hell no! i do NOT like verizon AT ALL (ditched them for tmobile yrs ago), & why would i ever choose to buy a phone that utilizes cdma technology? the iphone’s display is too small, & i do NOT like apple’s overly controlling/closed approach to content & app’s.

    • megalosdog

      You would use cdma because it works. Unlike some others

  • 4G or Not To 4G

    First I must go forward and not backward…the iphone is not 4G other then in name to fool the masses…this would be a step backwards…second, Google does a great job of intergrating Android into your life without being locked to any system (itunes), and it works on whatever network, or whatever country, just pop in the chip from that country, log into Gmail, and it is like I never left the country…adding Google Music and Google TV, the future is brighter

  • 4G or Not To 4G

    I am not leaving Android, but if T-Mobile don’t keep up with the Jones and get us some top quality phones, then I will leave T-Mobile

  • Doug Fiedor

    iPhone?? lol

    I like Android and I have an EVO. Why in the world would I want to switch to an iPhone? That’s a step backwards.

    • maybe a couple of steps …

  • Josh

    Hello iPhone goodbye buying a new phone for software updates.

    • megalosdog

      I feel ya. Lol android is very inconsistent

  • DH

    gsm rules. . . deal w it

  • Marty B

    Will not get an Iphone, because I don’t wish to support the monopolistic practices of Apple Inc. They are seriously anti-compeditive and predatory. On the technical front, a lot of proprietary and closed architecture I don’t wish to buy into. the Iphone lacks, Micro USB connectors, ability to move music and movies picks …. bi-directionally using standard drag and drop. It lacks memory expansion (micro-SD). Apple also created a multi year monopoly in the US for At&T who has done everything they can to raise prices and lower service levels. They restrict service like video streaming etc and severely limit data use, while the non-monopoly players lowered prices and offered unlimited data services. (Even the 5G caps are 2.5x what AT&T gives you. AT&T business practice is relevant to Apple because the Iphone exclusivity allowed the carrier to lead the industry in raising prices to consumers. In addition even though the FCC pretty much mandated that carriers unlock phones after a reasonable time AT&T NEVER does this for IPHONES. You can’t even buy one in the US at all and Apple enforces this with warranty denial and updates. If you get a phone from t-mobile they will provide unlock and instructions after 90 days of service.

    Technically Android phones are very good these days and offer very good usability and breath of applications. The CDMA carriers offer much better data allowances and they don’t repress applications (like AT&T and apple did with video streaming applications like slingplayer, video phone etc). You also get things like Google Maps.

    The Iphone is not without its merits, it just not for me. Strict Apple control does offer a very consistent and generally reliable device, the build quality is good and the industrial design is typically Apple and hence well done. The battery life is is generally better then similar android phones, however some of this may be due to GSM vs the CDMA phones I have experienced. My T-mobile android phone runs much longer than my CDMA android phones do.

    I use an EVO now and like the large screen much better than the Iphone screen. At my just over 50 years of age, I don’t care if they cram 1080P (1980×1080) pixels on a 3.5″ screen I need a larger screen or I simply cant read stuff. Size matters!

  • JP

    iPhone success is only customer satisfaction. In future there is no real time updates and features. All will go least numbers like Blackberry, Nokia, Windows and etc…

  • iPhone is about smooth ride, where Android is about unapologetic functionality and performance.

  • Canuck

    Is this site exclusively for American Android users?

    The US was the only country that was stuck with the AT&T iPhone monopoly — most of the world has always been able to use an iPhone with their preferred carriers. Look at how many of us use Android phones anyway, and you’ll have a good idea of how things will go in the US. now that the monopoly’s gone (well, I guess you still can’t get a Sprint or T-Mobile iPhone, though).

  • Man i’ll be glad to leave android and wp7 for a iphone….btw pass me that ice ray…im going down to hell to freeze it over. Oh look a flying pig…whatta ya know.

  • hazydave

    iPhonies can’t seem to grok the fact that many people actually wanted Android… they didn’t simply think of Android as a cheap iPhone knock-off. Personally, I wouldn’t have bothered with Android were it a cheap (or expensive) iOS knock-off. My Palm Treo died in the fall of 2008… I went back to a dumb phone, waiting for a good Android device to show up on Verizon. I bought a Droid the first day, November 2009… I was 8th in line in Deptford NJ at 6AM.

    The iPhone masses seem to think that everyone who bought Android devices on Verizon just hated AT&T. But I think it’s far more likely that, if you drank the Apple kool-aid, you bought your iPhone on AT&T, even if you didn’t like AT&T. So I think the advent of the iPhone on Verizon is far worse news for AT&T than for Android.

    And in fact, Android is growing very fast, and not just in the USA. In most places, you have the choice of Android versus iPhone, and they world is still saying “Android”.

    No surprise about the results here.. we’re the folks smart enough to have recognized the superiority of Android and take an active interest in Android news.

  • Dave

    Rowr. There is not much needed to be said by this drunk individual that has already been said above.

    Simple: Androind is still in it’s infancy, and it already is a huge competitor against iPhone?

    Why: Google is a company of a bunch of people that are only that. A bunch of people. All they care about is making the next best thing. The next amazing thing. The next thing that advances human kind. They don’t care about quarterly reviews. They just care about what is “cool” and what advances the human race.

    Conclusion: Stick with Android. It is the future.

  • Larry

    How about a poll the other way. Would you leave you iPhone for an Android phone? With a large number of 4G LTE dual core devices, people will be brain dead to buy a internet smartphone that does not even support the fastest data speeds on the Verizon or AT&T network. After all you are buying the phone NOW when there will be a choice in getting a 4G phone or not for the next 2 years. People will be crazy to choose the iPhone when for the same price you can get a dual core 4G LTE phone. So I would love to see a poll the other way. Would you leave you iPhone for an Android phone?

  • bousozoku

    If it was on Sprint, I would have switched. I wouldn’t go to Verizon or AT&T for anything.

    After all the hype, I really didn’t realize how crude Android and Android-based apps were. It’s like being in 2008 on iPhone.

    That said, I’m using Android and i will for the rest of my contract, I’m sure. I doubt I’ll get updates through 2012, though, so it’s worse than iOS in that way also.

    Thank goodness I didn’t go with a Samsung device, especially when they’ve been touting their next generation Galaxy S phones already.

  • Hope it will work out. Looking forward to it.

  • Anthony

    lol I was voting and reading this article, listening to some tunes, and streaming some files via BT. I told my friend who I was talking to on the phone (my Galaxy S) about this article (he has a iphone) he had to call me back so he could read it……with his iphone!!!

    • Your momma

      ?  He has the ability to view a web page while talking on the phone with an iPhone.
      Maybe he was just trying to get you off the phone…

  • Rooster

    SO sick of hearing about this. Unless you are a major player in Google or MAC stock WHY DO YOU CARE? So you can tell your Buddies that your PHONE is better than the next guys? Pull Your face out your 4″ screen and go out and get some fresh air. There’s a whole brave new world out there and its fun. Trust me…

  • bousozoku

    It’s so good to see that the Android fanatics are equally as bad as the Apple fanatics and the Microsoft fanatics.

  • ari-free

    It’s pretty simple decision for me. Android phones offer keyboards and Apple doesn’t.

  • Switch to Iphone is like going back to 1990.

  • stefan

    Iphone has such a lame os it is just for guys who do not know anything about handy etc.
    But android bliws everything away 😉

  • Anyone that would even consider getting rid of their Android phone, needs to go ahead and rethink their entire life. Android is the best software out there. It offers freedom which makes it ten times better than iOS.

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