December 20, 2014

Vote Now: Will You Leave Your Android Phone for a Verizon iPhone?

Well, the rumors finally proved to be true.  Assuming you haven’t been online, in front of a TV, listened to a radio, or talked to anyone yet today, you already know: Verizon is getting the iPhone starting February 10th.  Our question to you is this – Will you leave your Android phone for the iPhone now that it is on a different network?

We’ve met more than a couple of people who said the only reason they got an Android phone was because they didn’t want to go to AT&T.  We’ve also talked to folks who said they’d be ready to ditch their Droid for an iPhone the minute Verizon releases it.  Are you one of those people?

Hit the jump to vote in our very unscientific poll and tell us.  After you’re done, leave a comment explaining why or why you chose the way you did!

  • bousozoku

    It’s so good to see that the Android fanatics are equally as bad as the Apple fanatics and the Microsoft fanatics.

  • ari-free

    It’s pretty simple decision for me. Android phones offer keyboards and Apple doesn’t.

  • theSuperStar

    Switch to Iphone is like going back to 1990.

  • stefan

    Iphone has such a lame os it is just for guys who do not know anything about handy etc.
    But android bliws everything away ;-)

  • Techno-Update

    Anyone that would even consider getting rid of their Android phone, needs to go ahead and rethink their entire life. Android is the best software out there. It offers freedom which makes it ten times better than iOS.