Galaxy S2 to be Unveiled at MWC?

Ahh, the Galaxy S2. We’ve heard whispers of the successor to the original Galaxy S, and it looks like we finally have a date, or at least a time frame, for its release. Rumor has it that the Galaxy S2 will be shown off at Mobile World Congress, which is in Barcelona next month. The rumored specs include:

  • Gingerbread
  • 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen
  • NFC chip, like the Nexus S
  • Dual-core processor

No word on pricing or what exactly the device will look like. This is the third time we’ve seen the image above when the S2 was referenced. I have a feeling the final production unit won’t be too far off from what we see.

Keep in mind that at the moment, there’s no official confirmation on any of these things. It’s all up in the air, at least until MWC. Stay tuned to AndroidGuys for all the latest news on this device. So, anyone else not impressed with the S2? Sounds more or less like a Nexus S to me. What are your thoughts?

Thanks to BoyGeniusReport for the tip.

  • I’m still not impressed with the Nexus S, let alone this phone. I mean the NEXUS S is THE Google phone and it’s already outdated. Sure the screen is impressive but it wasn’t even built for the next generation. Had they waited till CES to show it off with a dual-core processor AND 4G of some type and hell how about a CDMA version for Verizon and Sprint. Why release the “PURE” Google phone with an OS no other phone has yet only on T-Mobile (at least in the US).

    Terrible idea, Maybe it’s me but I’ve never been a fan of the Samsung Galaxy S line. I don’t like their screens and that awful blue tint/light they put off it. It looks defective.

    Eh, to each his own. I’m waiting for the NEXT BIG THING from Sprint. EVO 2 (Crosses fingers).

    • Highriser

      Thats actually fixable, and the tint is only noticeable when seen at full brightness near a non-Super AMOLED screen.

    • humungus

      So all of your complaints about the Nexus S (it doesn’t have dual core, 4G, or Verizon/Sprint) seem to be addressed with this new phone, yet you still hate it.

  • Elvis

    Im actually curious to see if they can pick up where he nexus s should have left off… maybe they can do it right this time and have more carries on a google phone *hopes for amazing phone with unlocked bootloader*

  • humungus

    Not impressed? It’ll have the best android screen, the best SoC (either Tegra 2 or the even better Orion), apparently launch with Gingerbread (what phone at CES had that?), and have an unlocked bootloader (which none of the Moto phones will have).

    You’re a hard man to impress.

    • Highriser

      Your totally right! I have a Fascinate and I love it. It’s really fast, has a great screen that you can actually view outside, has some of the best viewing angles, and the perfect screen size (although, I would love a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED screen).

  • archboy69

    Samsung is shady. After reading the article that in actual 2.2 update on TMo was ready but they are holding back because they wanted to sell more phones I hope everyone boycott them.

    They have shown to be ill repute and act like Used car salesmen.

  • Don

    It’s still a Samsung. Pffft! NEXT!

  • 4G or Not To 4G

    this is the phone I was waiting on…but going to have to take a serious look around as Samsung does not like to support their phones, and Android is like a baby, it is so young it requires a lot of attention as it is growing fast.

  • DK

    I want this phone, the iphone doesn’t even come close to this. Sure, its not perfect, but what phone is?

  • tono galan

    Hi, Im waiting for some new super phones, but 4,3 inch screet is too big for my pocket. I accept max size of 4 inch. I hope it will have higher ppi because 800×480 is for 4 inch is very few.