Samsung Shooting for 60 Million Smartphones sold in 2011

Samsung sure is gutsy. J. K. Shin, a Samsung Mobile rep, told Korea Times in an interview that Samsung is aiming to triple its smartphone sales this year. In 2010, Sammy sold 20 million smartphones. In 2011, They’re shooting for 60 million. It’s nice to have goals, but the whole Vibrant Plus fiasco isn’t exactly the best way to start the year. Samsung reps must have some really good tricks up their sleeves if they think they’re going to reach 60 million handsets this year.

Shin said that Sammy plans to introduce several new handsets and tablets next month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (Galaxy S2, anyone?). Keep in mind that this isn’t only Android devices they’re talking about. Obviously, Android will be the front-runner, but Samsung may crank out a few non-Android devices before the year’s end. Only time will tell if they’ll be able to reach their goal. Good luck, Samsung. You’re going to need it.

Source BoyGeniusReport

  • anon

    60 million suckers that won’t be seeing Android updates

    • sanman

      Exactly. Fool me once, shame on you…

    • Sameh

      That’s how they plan to hit that fig.

  • Pax

    60 milion piece of crap from Samsung…as usual…Samsung SUCKS…

  • ozboy

    I like my Galaxy S but the poor communication and delay in software updates is dissapointing, unless the can find 60M people who want to learn how to root etc then I think they are “dreaming”. Pity its a great phone (ok just my opinion) with poor software support, thank you XDA.

    • Pax

      As an EX Vibrant owner and active rooter, I don’t think we should buy our phones just because there is the XDA community. When will manufacturers and carriers be held accountable for their promises? I know all big corporations suck but Samsung SUCKS big time.

  • Pax

    Samsung SUCKS.

  • James

    How about they worry a little more about improving support for their existing phones and customers first? Selling products is good, sure, but having a bunch of unsatisfied customers isn’t. And from what I’ve seen, Galaxy S owners (at least in the US) are becoming increasingly dissatisfied the longer it takes to get Froyo.

    Didn’t Samsung say they sold over 10 million Galaxy S phones? Why are the US owners of these devices *still* waiting for a Froyo update? For my first Samsung phone and first Android phone, this has not been a good experience. Is it too much to ask for timely software updates, especially on an expensive, high-end device? I paid a lot of money for my phone. Why does it seem like the rest of the world’s Galaxy S phones got updates, and even some other US models, but not the Epic or other US Galaxy S ones? Who is holding things up and why, and when (not “soon”) will we get Froyo? Why will no one (official) answer these questions?

    While I’m not sure I’d swear off Samsung from this alone, it’s definitely a black mark on their record and will make me think twice about buying another Samsung phone. It’s also something I would definitely tell someone about if they asked me. If people want prompt updates, Samsung is not the way to go. Don’t get me wrong, I do like my Epit, but I really want the benefits of Froyo (and future updates!), but Samsung’s as slow as molasses with updating their products. Based on my experience I would not recommend Samsung because of their poor software support, continually delaying updates and missing projected release dates (they definitely said end of 2010 for Epic’s Froyo, which didn’t happen).