[UPDATE] Samsung Vibrant Plus to Bring Froyo, 21+ Mbps, Anger?

We’ve just gotten word from our friends over at TmoNews about a (sorta) new Samsung device coming to T-Mobile, and it’s sure to upset a lot of people. It’s the Vibrant Plus, and it’s essentially an upgraded version of the original Vibrant. It’ll come with Froyo, a front-facing camera, a 5MP rear camera with 720p HD video capture, “Inception” preloaded instead of Avatar, and HSPA+ connectivity. Not only will it have access to Tmo’s 4G network, the Vibrant Plus will be one of the first to be able to connect to their upgraded network, offering 21+ Mbps speeds. I know several Vibrant owners are screaming at their monitors right now, and they have every reason to be upset. The Vibrant Plus has everything its older counterpart was missing.

There’s two ways to look at this:

  1. It’s a good move for T-Mobile, releasing a device that can keep up with Verizon‘s LTE speeds.
  2. It’s also a very bad move for them. Many Vibrant owners are going to be very upset that this new device will come with Froyo preloaded, not to mention the FFC.

Word has it that Tmo and Samsung will advertise the Vibrant Plus heavily, squeezing as much money as they can out of it. As I mentioned about half a dozen times, Tmobile is really losing a lot of customer base here. True, the new handset will sell, but is it worth it, to lose the support of original Vibrant owners? Only time will tell. We’ll keep you posted if any more news rolls in on this device. Anyone else upset with Tmo and Samsung? Speak your mind in the comments below!

UPDATE: I’ve been seeing a lot of activity on Twitter about this, so I thought I would clear one thing up. This leak in no way says anything about Samsung holding back the Froyo update for the original Vibrant. True, it may be a bit suspicious for them to release a device with the same specs that has Froyo preloaded, but we have to keep in mind that we don’t know when the Vibrant Plus will be released, hence the term leak. It could be months from now, at which point the Vibrant will surely have Froyo.

  • Andrew

    One single core processor?? Snooze.. it’s really just the vibrant with a few nice features.. but not really a 2nd generation of the phone.

    also would like this on the 850 Band for us Telstra users here in Aus which already support 42Mbps, but have no devices 🙁

  • Kimberly

    Actually this ticks me off.. we’ve been waiting forever for that stupid update, and it looks like we will not be getting it. Also we don’t even have 3G here , so here they are releasing a Vibrant with Froyo running the HSPA network. Ugh!!!!! This is why some ppl are switching to Verizon

    • Alex

      Heh, moving to Verizon won’t help. I’m a Fascinate user who has been waiting for a promised Froyo update for months.

  • John

    Give this some thought before you go yelling at TMO. How is this any different than TMO, or any other carrier for that matter, releasing any other phone that is slightly better than the last one, only a short time after their last one? This one just happens to be named the same. Hell Verizon is about to do exactly the same with the iPhone in 6 months!

    • chuck

      What annoys me is that they have not put Froyo on the original. I could care less about the front facing camera but everyone else has upgraded their operating system, why not Samsung.

  • DM

    Desktops and notebook computers can be upgraded by replacing components of the systems. Cell phones should be upgradeable by replacing components if needed. The current practice of replacing phones with new ones is an environmental disaster and an economic waste.

    The current situation with carriers and manufacturers encourages waste because of greed.

    This also applies to software. Microsoft can update and fix Windows bugs in 24 hours. Android bugs get fixed in 6 months or more. Some android bugs never get fixed. Some users just buy another phone to get rid of the problem.

    • Drew

      Well this is possible… I have a Vibrant that I bought when it was first released back in July. Thanks to the awesome developers out there I am running Android 2.2.1 and I have a front facing camera. Not to mention my phone is overclocked to run at 1.4 Ghz!

      • Billll

        How do you have front facing camera?

  • Rich0

    Nothing new here. Just about every android phone has stopped getting updates a few weeks after the next fancy android phone has come along.

    When you buy an android phone you basically are stuck with how it comes, with no support for apps that use future SDK versions, until you’re out of contract, or until you root it and install CM or whatever. Just count on that, and if you’re lucky enough to get any updates at all count your blessings.

    Yes, I think it is pretty lousy customer service, but welcome to the cell phone industry…

  • DM

    One other comment. The FCC is the agency to complain to regarding practices of carriers. I filed a complaint regarding T-Mobile’s 14-day wait period to get unlock codes. I got an immediate response.

    This is the same issue as above. If users don’t know they can get an unlock code, they will buy a new phone to switch carriers instead of using an unlocked phone.

  • Earthrazer

    I could care less…but the froyo they can’t put on my vibrant would immensely piss me off.

  • A Reasonable Vibrant Owner

    1. If you own a vibrant and you’re upset that they refreshed a product 6 months later, you’re an idiot(unless maybe you bought the phone very recently). If you wanted a phone with FFC and HSPA you should have bought one.

    2. Nothing about this in any way implies that the original Vibrant is not getting updated. Hell, T-Mobile retweeted Samsung about updating the US SGS line to FroYo not 2 weeks ago.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is:

    +good business decision by T-Mo(very few people are going to buy a Vibrant for the same price as similiar phones that have HSPA support)
    +chill out and stop living your life worrying about a point update to a cell phone. I promise the sun will keep rising every morning with or without FroYo.

    • Sweats62

      While I’ll agree that some of the reactions have been over the top, I sure understand the angst of thinking you’ve done your research thoroughly, hearing all the hype (you can’t tell me T-Mobile and Samsung didn’t hint us half to death with dreams of 2.2 in the near future), and being swept along for the ride with pretty much nothing to show. I bought the Vibrant and have sung its praises but now I’m feeling a little sheepish. No, I feel a little like a Jackass. Nah, this here water hole has done dried up for me.

  • Samuel

    Its nice, but the only thing making it different is the 4g and inception. I could install a ffc on my vibrant if i wanted to, im waiting for samsung to push a dual core monster with a super amoled screen for tmobile. 4.5 inch seems incredible

  • Tyler

    I have been a customer of T-Mo’s for a LONG time and sad to say this has broke me. I bought the Vibrant because T-Mo FINALLY got a phone that had decent specs at the time. Then they go and do this. I feel it’s a real kick in the sack. Instead of maning up and telling Samsung that they will release a new version only after they update the current one but NO. It’s all about how much money they can get out of people. Well, do the math people. They get me for 170 a mnth. That’s 4080.00 for my 2 year contract. I will pay the cancellation fee and be done with a company that screws their customers. They are really sucking anyway. Anyone else sit on hold for at least 45 minutes before even talking to a human? I’m also done with Samsung products. People need to take a stand our else this crap will just continue.

    • Ryan

      Stop crying. Nobody said that your phone won’t get an update. This happens with Android. Get used to it, or install Cyanogen.

    • Android

      Everyone chillll. T mobile has very little to do with phones getting updated. I bought the mytouch slide less than a year ago knowing that it would be stuck on 2.1 for a long while and not have much internal memory. Its common sense that these phones are going to continue to launch and be better than the last. Samsung through the offer on the table to carriers of the Vibrant two or plus for that matter and T mobile leaped. I won’t ever be leaving T mobile because I know I will not be lied too and know that when I want to upgrade I have the best selection of phones to choose from. For all you mad at Samsung just wait until Q2 or Q3 when Tmo drops the HTC Pyramid on everyone. The way its looking is it will embarrass any phone for quite a while. BTW my mytouch slide doesn’t have the update that Tmos cheapest Android has. It doesn’t matter the carrier its all the same. Tough it out and you will understand why you did. Once the Motorola nightmare is in your hands at Verizon you will be wishing you had your 2.1 update on the Vibrant back. Just saying.

  • daniel

    Tyler being dead serious your comment is identical to what mine would of have been and I bought the vibrant for the same exact reason and I feel exactly the same…screw samsung and im done with tmobile…you guys just lost another customer

  • Feuze 408

    This should have been out instead if the Vibrant.. All that money and the Plus has a the FFC and the 2.2 firmware all us vibrant owners have been promised and STILL WAITING on. I don’t blame Tmo.. They need to keep up with the competition, but Samsung should have put better thought into making the first Vibrant. Especially since it’s a comparison to the i900 minus the FFC. Samsung = Fail and broken promises. Even thought I love my ROOTED Vibrant.

    • Mobile Guy

      Samsung manufactured the Vibrant based on what Tmobile asked them to build! Take a look at Sprint’s Galaxy S! A FFC, keyboard, 4G…. This is totally Tmobile’s fault. Samsung manufactures versions of phones that carriers ask them to build…. Hence the new version of the same lame Vibrant! The carriers are to blame for the updates as well…. Always putting there pathetic custom UI’s that only slow down the phone, and make it a nightmare to update! Tmobile has totally dropped the ball here, and with the recent news of usage limits, it looks like they will continue to do so…. It is so sad that so many other carriers out there have delivered a real flagship phone, and here Tmobile is about to roll out a total dinosaur of a phone that should have been out 7 months ago!

  • Jarrett

    I understand the frustration that everyone is feeling, trust me I work for T-mobile and have to constantlylearn new phones after one just released months before. For all of you that are saying that you are going to cancel your service and pay your early term fee ate crazier then two left shoes. So you mean to day that you’ve already paid $200 plus for the phone and if you pay the early term fee and go to another carrier you’re going to have to buy a new phone and you’re out of more money. I’m pretty sure that Samsung will take care of you, so calm down.

    • ENo they won’t, it has been well documented that Samsung refuses to deny or confirm anything regarding the u.s. vibrant. Kidding yourself into thinking they will “take care of us” is ludicrous.

  • Ural

    Samsung can keep its 4g Vibrant, it probably will never see Gingerbread, and if does it will probably be when the rest of the phones have Ice Cream.

    So no, regardless of what Samsung has to offer, and T Mobile for that matter. They can keep their Vibrant. I would prefer an Atrix combination of PC and Phone. As it would suit my needs.

    The lack of a dual core processor, renders this new Vibrant as OLD technology.
    The lack of a Flash is just unforgivable.
    The fact its a Samsung device, renders it as a useless device that will lack upgrades.
    The fact its has no dock renders is VERY OLD tech.

    T Mobile, you should understand, most current Samsung owners will not trust Samsung again. If you keep on making deals with Samsung and providing useless phones, you only will lose customers. Because of your service most of us have stayed. Though we are NOT interested in Samsung products, to make it interesting, you would have to offer it very cheap, FREE! and without the need for a contract, then maybe we could consider trying it.

    Samsung hasn’t gotten the message, but from the responses here, very few would consider a Samsung device again. I hope Samsung takes note, cause they have really made a mess of their reputation.

    The fact that the Vibrant 4G carries a Samsung logo just sais a lot…. its a USELESS device and we don’t want it.

  • jxk

    This is amazing. A carrier and manufacturer releasing a NEW PRODUCT with IMPROVED FEATURES over the one that came out more than 6 months ago. Unheard of!

    Here I thought the Samsung Galaxy S series was to be the last phone ever made and that it would be constantly updated and new hardware would install itself OTA. Absolutely ridiculous to even think of releasing a new model the following year. They’re definitely losing customers now. Can’t trust a company that keeps selling new phones as technology progresses.

    No dual-core processor – this phone isn’t cool anymore even if it’s still fast as hell
    No useless LED flash to make drunk people look even more washed out – burn em at the stake
    No FFC! – how am I supposed to chatroulette on the go?

    I’m tired of Samsung and T-Mobile spending all this time making sure a Froyo OTA update doesn’t suck and brick my phone. I NEED to have a bigger-numbered OS version NOW or else I’m going to switch to AT$T for an iPhone because those have the more GBs.

    • anonymous

      Ha.. Yep I totally agree.. I love my OLD Samsung Vibrant even without the updates or a dock or front facing camera. No one needs to see my ugly mug anyway.

  • nexusnut

    Vibrant owners are pissed? What about Nexus S owners with no HSPA+ ?
    Ferchrissakes get over it. First we complain that phones don’t get released fast enough, then we’re pissed when they are released too fast. Well which is it?

  • mezy1

    You guys u know this is the new samsung galaxy s2 for tmobile. I have a vibrant and im not pissed because im getting the LG optimus 2x im done with samsung I had faith in them and they messed up with the vibrant. This is what happened this was the original vibrant this was what tmobile was supposed to get 7 months ago but tmobile said no we want our mytouch to have all this stuff first and then we will see the vibrant next year like apple does with iphone 3g and then iphone 3gs.Samsung wants to be apple and I hate apple so I hate samsung so im going with LG hopefully there the smart one in korea.

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  • Devin

    Wow… just… wow.

    Still waiting on Froyo for my Vibrant, and now they’re just coming out with a new version of the phone entirely with Froyo already installed? If they already have Froyo for the new Vibrant Plus, where the heck is the version for the old Vibrant that everyone already has!?

    Guess they don’t care about customer satisfaction. They just want to pump out as many new phones as possible to get more customers in general. I can tell you this much, I’m not going to recommend Samsung or Tmobile to anyone I know seeking to buy a new phone.

    So ridiculous.

  • Sandy

    Boohooo… I’m ticked off… by this action of god… they chose to send me to earth 10 years earlier. If it wasn’t for him, I would have been studying in college having the best days of my life… n now I’ve to contend with a silly job…

    @Justin… newer things are almost better (new in specs in this case)… WTF cry over it… look at the time these owners have enjoyed with their handset… isn’t it worth something!!!???

  • Tony

    Not a big deal. Those with the original MyTouch had the same thing happen multiple times. Tmo is doing a good thing by getting another option out there. I too though will wait for the dual core LG.

  • Scourge

    I’m a Vibrant owner, and I’m not pissed, nor would I consider leaving T-Mobile because of it. I bought a Vibrant, I knew when I bought it it couldn’t access the HSPA+ network. I knew when I bought it that it lacked the FFC. And I knew when I bought it that updates would be slower then I wanted when it comes to Android. I got my phone 6 months ago, and I’m glad I didn’t have to wait another 6 months without an Android phone just to get one that has these features

  • Rich

    Why is everyone crying? There is no release date on this devic(so it could be months before we actually see it) & I never understood why people are always crying about updates just be patient and wait. Every carrier does the fascinate, captivate,have 2.2?? Those devices have not gotten updates either.

  • HiTech

    Why is everybody assuming that Samsung is to blame for not updating the different U.S. Galaxy S. Here in Canada we have the Captivate, Fascinate and Vibrant. All have been updated to version 2.2. It is the carriers that do not want the new version or are at least holding off on the new version to sell new phones instead.

  • HACK

    I wouldn’t be as mad if it was a different phone coming out, but they are selling the same phone with the features that they took out in the first place. Real gay Magenta, I might just switched or let me buy a update for 20 bucks more or something.

  • John

    What’s even more amazing is that no contract carriers like Virgin Mobile are going to be offering Froyo to one of their phones this spring…maybe even before Vibrant owners get their update…yet, Virgin only charges like $25 month for unlimited data, voice plans…wow! Now I’m really starting to feel like a jacka**….maybe I’ll end up switching to Virgin or Boost later this year, I expect they will be getting some nice Android phones soon and prices are coming way down!

  • Billll

    While this is really annoying, at this time T-Mo is not to blame. Maybe they could be more proactive in getting OS updates out instead of relying on the manufacturers, but it all comes down to Samsung. It also comes down to the people who keep buying these new released phones instead of forcing the manufacturer to push out updates. We all jump to buy a new phone so they will push out new phones and not worry about software.

  • Marc

    I vow to never buy a new Samsung product due to their inability to get the Froyo update out for the Vibrant – especially after lying that we would have this update.

    T-Mobile will be losing a family plan customer when our contract is finished as well…

  • Matt

    Tmobile has never done anything good, ever. Tmobile will never do anything good, ever… Just wish I was rich enough to have Verizon.

  • marconi

    I hate T mobile for this. I have a vibrant that I bought 4 months ago.

    One thing i do not understand is there are so many working FROYOs for vibrant in the internet. Why, in the hell, the guys from Samsung and T mobile can not make it work on official vibrant

    I actually installed Froyo last week in my vibrant , and it works perfectly. If guys who do it for fun / name can do it easily, why not high paid engineers from Samsung/Tmobile?

    Waiting for Ginger Bread for Vibrant now…:)

  • Nick

    I think a nice gesture on behalf of T-Mobile and Samsung would be to just let all Vibrant user to upgrade to the Vibrant plus. Yeah I’m living in a fantasy world but hey Vibrant users we promised Froyo months ago and international Galaxy S phones have front facing cameras. I’m just mad that the T-Mobile sales rep led me to believe that this phone would be current for longer than phone normally are. Had the Vibrant for about 5 months and it seems a bit out of date compared to the phones coming out now!
    If this phone comes out before current Vibrant phones are updated I’m calling customer service and filing a complaint for poor customer loyalty.

  • Joe

    YAWN. FFC? BFD. The original Vibrant is FREE, plus 2.2 should be out Real Soon Now.

  • Jim G

    I got a new Vibrant on 1/6/2011. I have 30 days to change my mind and send it back.
    If I don’t have Froyo by Feb 1st, I will send it back and cancel my contract extension.
    I hope that everyone else that has the return option will do the same. A few thousand Vibrants being sent back during their exchange or cancellation perio may light some fires.

  • Sean

    This is B$ why was this HSPA+ radio not in the Nexus S which released only weeks prior

  • Mobile Guy

    They could have at least renamed the Vibrant Plus to something else… I hate having crap rubbed right in my face…. At least spray it with some perfume and call it something else…. I wish the sales rep would have told me I was going to have to eat a shit sandwich with the purchase of my Vibrant 7 months ago!

  • datguy

    Who still cares about Froyo? Froyo is about to be a year old.

    It’s gingerbread which is out now, Honeycomb and ice cream coming up.

    I want my vibrant to get gingerbread, F*** Froyo at this point.

    • Tim

      Yes, I agree completely. If there is no technical reason that all updates MUST be installed in successive order then my vote is to skip Froyo and go directly to Gingerbread. I believe Hummingbird will have increased hardware demands so we may need to wait for that one.

  • This is old stuff really, yeah there will always be limitations and restrictions, thats how companies make money and tier products and services, get over it or get out, its a fact of life.

  • Pax

    T-Mobile and Samsung both SUCK.

  • rags711

    I’m not upset all the carriers do it. I’m just pissed off about the update. I don’t know why when I’ve been rooted and using froyo for months and installed the ffc about little over a month.

  • Los82

    I’ve had mine about 3 months now. T-mobile can make this right by letting me trade it for the + no questions.

  • zeo

    Hehehe…all the angst. Amazing. Is the release of a slightly updated, I man is it slight, going to make your current Vibrant do less? Does it do what you want it to do? What is it missing? Some of you really wanted a ffc and then most users figured out they don’t use it very often. There’s a kit to upgrade it if you really want one, but if you wanted one from the get go then you really should have bought a different phone.

    The official 2.2 update will probably still exhibit the sluggishness that 2.1 does, as far as I can tell it still uses the rfs filesystem. Sammy figured out what everyone else already knew and switch gingerbread on the Nexus S to ext4 and voila! Problem fixed. I grew tired of waiting for the sammy update so I just loaded the Team Whiskey 2.2 rom. It’s been a week and it’s been flawless and it’s significantly faster than Sammy’s 2.1 rom. I went from a 930 quadrant score to over 1500. That’s a synthetic benchmark, but I can easily tell it’s much faster, battery life is better, I now have the wireless hotspot. Yeah, people in their spare time working as a hobby produced better software than Samsung’s paid software engineers. Take some time read up on the stuff and you can too can get more features than you paid for.

    But hey, if you’re unhappy I can sympathize with that. Do as wish and let Tmo and Sammy know with your wallets. Hopefully they’ll get the message, in particular Tmo needs to learn this; you need a halo device to attract customers! It doesn’t matter if you can’t move as many of them as MyTouchX it will bring customers in the door! But the one’s who do buy it are high profit customers! Guess they don’t teach anything useful in those executive MBA programs after all.

  • nick

    samsung is so greedy why cant they just release the new update. im pretty sure when the vibrant plus comes out people are still going to buy it because they want a ffc thats the only reason im going to get it. its stupid they’re probably losing more money waiting then they would of just releasing the update. and anybody know when the phone is being released.

  • Tim

    It is poor business practice and customer relationship management for Samsung and the carriers to fail to communicate if and when owners of their Samsung Galaxy S devices will get a much desired OS upgrade to Froyo or better yet Gingerbread. I can’t imagine this happening with other consumer devices. Consider printers (drivers are often upgraded) or set top boxes (I periodically get upgrades from Logitech for my Google TV (love it!!) or Dish Network for my set top box) or TVs or game consoles (PS3, etc.). Most manufacturers will communicate and deliver an upgrade in a timely manner. I really hate the fact that I am missing out on needed functionality in several important apps like the Gmail client because my phone runs an older version of the OS. The real stink bomb here is that new phones are getting the newer OSes (this is not a problem) but the hardware specs in many cases are the same as the current generation Android high-end devices. In other words our current Samsung Galaxy S devices are able to run the newer OSes but either Samsung or T-mobile is dragging their feet and either way that is not cool.

    This will make a person rethink repeat business with a company that seems to care so little about the customer after the sale has been made.

    Get it together Samsung and T-mobile or you will see your customers go elsewhere. We have options and will use them. Understand that we customers feel it is ridiculous to NOT upgrade our devices to make them perform better for us.

    A Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant) owner

  • Pax

    As an EX Vibrant owner and active rooter, I don’t think we should buy our phones just because there is the XDA community. When will manufacturers and carriers be held accountable for their promises? I know all big corporations suck but Samsung SUCKS big time.

  • liang

    I like Samsung smartphone,have nice style,hardware,good finished product.what i don’t like is” Why Samsung Lag on updating their OS ” I bet Samsung will be on top market if not lag on OS update. SUPPORT YOUR previous PRODUCT fast.More customer will follow your BRAND

  • Robert

    Thank you to Team Whiskey. Nero v4.1 is wicked fast with no lag. It is also 2.2 with lots of great Gingerbread features. I had to teach myself to root and load ROMs, but it was well worth the effort. I am selling my Vibrant on eBay with less than three hours left. I want to get as much as possible before Vibrant Plus is released. I will be sad too see her go.

    But I bought a 32GB iPhone 4. Traitor? Perhaps. But it serves my current needs until something equivalent is released by T-Mobile. It has an FFC and and RFC LED for HD video. I use it a lot as I like to shoot and post videos of friends and family.

    I will not be purchasing the Vibrant Plus. I will, however, pick up an original Vibrant down the road as the prices are dropping really fast. I will root it and see what Team Whiskey has been up to. Great things I am sure. I will also mod it and install the FFC left out by the factory. It will be interesting to have both phones and watch how the market develops. I prefer Android, but no T-Mobile unit has all the features I am looking for.

    I am a more informed consumer now and know what to look for. I also know what kind of support to expect. Do I feel burned? No. I learned so much about rooting, ROMs, jailbreaking, unlocking and modding that I can now rely on my own support. I can’t afford to leave T-Mobile. I will be interested to see if the loyalty base is still there to make the Vibrant Plus a success.

    Much luck to you all.