Sprint Hosting NYC Event Feb 7th, Promising Another “First”


We just received an invitation from Sprint for an event being held in New York City on February 7th.  As to what exactly is being unveiled or announced isn’t quite clear.  Sprint’s playing coy with the wording, promising another “industry first”.  CEO Dan Hesse will be in attendance as will magician David Blaine where they will show us that “the impossible is possible”.  At this point, we have no idea as to what lies ahead next month, but we imagine it has something to do with Android.

Any guesses as to what might go down?  Leave a comment!


  1. I believe it will be the first 2.0 Ghz processor (aka the mysterious HTC Sabor). While the EVO is 7 months old now new phones that aren’t even out yet are still trying to catch up, I believe we will see the EVO 2 once again leapfrog everyone and go Dual Core 2.0 Ghz with 4G…sign me up! It will be the only phone I’ll trade my EVO in for…

  2. I’m thinking it has to be Android based, otherwise why send out an invite to an Android exclusive publication?

    Android tablet
    4g Android tablet
    2.3 dual core phone

  3. Something “impossible” becoming “possible”. Meaning that what you think can’t happen right now, will happen after the announcement.

    My mind went straight to the #1 complaint about CDMA when compared to GSM. Not being able to have a voice call and data connection at the same time.

    Well back in August, CDMA announced the possibility of that with their new “SVDO” (an upgrade to EVDO). (Source)

    Sooooo. I can’t seem to figure out whether this new SVDO can be enabled with a requirement of new hardware, or (what would be really cool) if Sprint could flip a switch and turn it on, or possibly enable it through a software update.

    There’s still time between now and Feb 7th for leaks, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Not because I want to tether and talk at the same time, just to see if my prediction is correct!!


    • Now your using your head. All of these people talking about getting the iPhone, or some other handset are thinking too small time. Plus, dual-core, tegra, 4G tablets were all already announced last week by other carriers. How on earth could releasing a me-to device be considered an industry first?

      I really think you’re on to something here, or possibly switching their entire network to 4G to be the industry first nationwide 4G carrier. Honestly, unless they could make the 4G truly ubiquitous like their 3G coverage, I’d rather have simultaneous voice and data over 3G than fast, but spotty, 4G any day.

  4. Hello! It has to be a new Android phone or tablet announcement since an invite was sent out to AndroidGuys!

    HTC Scribe – first 4G compatible tablet maybe?

  5. It’ll be the HTC 3D Android phone that was rumored for a Feb 2011 announcement a couple of months ago….

    HTC was already showing glasses-free 3D prototypes behind close doors at MWC 2010 last year…

    It’ll also be LTE… maybe even have 4 camera (2 for 3D video calling, 2 for hi-res 3D) 🙂

  6. I personally heard from an inside source that I shouldn’t buy an Evo right now because “a new Evo is coming out in February.” Could this be it?


    Sprint will release the first ever technology you will be able to manipulate a phone’s phyical condition. You will be able to bend the phone, crumble the phone, and reshape the overall appreance.

  8. It is obviously android related. Now what android phone just hit sprint? HTC Evo Shift right? If you read about it’s hardware and chips, it support svdo and faster wimax uploads than the regular Evo. IMO I honestly think simultaneous voice and data will be the announcement. That or a 3d phone. But that is not a first as CTIA took care of it.

    • That’s not a spoiler alert at all. And first don’t get uncorked again at another show. It’s like buying your washing machine again just because you have another load to put on.

  9. Sprint has voice and data at the same time on the HTC Evo. A guy I work with has one and we do not have 4g here in Tulsa, OK. and we were in our shop, no wi-fi, and I was able to call him while he surfed the net.

  10. wondering if network related. The last six weeks practically every call I’m on is dropped. Been with sprint nine years and very few issues. Have the samsung moment and figured it was the phone, had it replaced after only three months and now here six months later….. thought it needed replacing again. Lots of data connecting trouble and at least every 4 out of 5 calls made daily ( some days every call incoming or out) there dropped. anyway, talked with a sprint rep, ready to throw in the towel even though I never said that. Figured I would have to pay big for a new phone but he said he would go ahead and change my plan where I’m eligible for an upgrade. Jumped right on it, I didn’t have to ask, last time to get the phone replaced because of issues it was like moving mountains. He did advise to upgrade before the 30th because of the new 10 dollar add to plans.

    OK so if all this time Sprints been pushing this plan and gaining ground, forcing other carriers to lower there price, for six weeks at least been hell using phone because of dropped calls, seems like there doing technical upgrades and therefor going up on the price of the plan. And most likely coming out with a bad-ass phone to boot. Now all of this is just thinking from someone not technical as many of you seem, so please……. don’t be to rough on me for my idea