T-Mobile Responds to Verizon’s iPhone: “How Do You Tell Them Apart?” [VIDEO]

T-Mobile is ready to roll out the latest weapon in the war that is 4G phones and networks.  Either they swept into action yesterday afternoon, rounding up all the actors and pulling a late night editing party or they knew something was brewing.  Apparently, this whole iPhone on Verizon thing was a pretty big rumor.  Digressing, the latest ad features T-Mobile‘s Carly asking the iPhone how it is able to tell the difference between Verizon and AT&T.  “Does either one have nationwide 4G?”

Okay, we know T-Mobile and everyone else is playing fast and loose with the 4G term, but we like the instant reaction.  Why not go for it while it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue?  Having said that, we know Verizon’s 4G LTE stuff is pretty darn fast.  Hope T-Mobile is ready for a counter-attack!  Video after the break.

  • Nick

    I miss my Tmobile…should have stuck with the G1. Damn me and my impatient ass!

  • bousozoku

    What does “nationwide” mean?

    I looked at T-Mobile’s 4G coverage map and it has more white space than I would expect from a company claiming nationwide coverage. Did AT&T’s advertising agency write their advertising?

    I wonder how T-Mobile will respond if Sprint also carries iPhone and they’re the only one of the major four without it (because of their data frequencies).

  • megalosdog

    poor attempt.

  • 4G or Not To 4G

    LUV It…Keep it up T-Mo

    I let a Iphone4 HotSpot off my G2 today…he got a full 1MB out the experience:)

  • schwiz

    I absolutely love their advertising strategy of putting super hot women in their commercials 🙂

  • Andy

    Doesnt matter how fast Verizon LTE is right? Apple isnt going to make an iPhone that can use that for a good while.

  • max

    This is funny.. I have yet see a carrier best att speeds in speed tests in the places I’ve been in 24 states and even here in ky I get 4.2-5Mbps down with att and everyone else can barely get 1 yet all you think this so called 4 g is fast that everyone is rolling out with and note sprints 4g is as fast as att 3g if not slower by a little. Then the Lte is only Ava to laptops and tmobile… common really nationwide we don’t have a tmo store within 100 miles of this place… and a tmo customer is unheard of! Granted they run the same technology as att which is good because it is a faster network than the cdma bands but really att has every carrier beat ob speed thus I never changed carriers.