October 24, 2014

T-Mobile Responds to Verizon's iPhone: "How Do You Tell Them Apart?" [VIDEO]

T-Mobile is ready to roll out the latest weapon in the war that is 4G phones and networks.  Either they swept into action yesterday afternoon, rounding up all the actors and pulling a late night editing party or they knew something was brewing.  Apparently, this whole iPhone on Verizon thing was a pretty big rumor.  Digressing, the latest ad features T-Mobile’s Carly asking the iPhone how it is able to tell the difference between Verizon and AT&T.  “Does either one have nationwide 4G?”

Okay, we know T-Mobile and everyone else is playing fast and loose with the 4G term, but we like the instant reaction.  Why not go for it while it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue?  Having said that, we know Verizon’s 4G LTE stuff is pretty darn fast.  Hope T-Mobile is ready for a counter-attack!  Video after the break.