GameTanium to Debut Games on Demand Service for Android

Gamesbeat, a publication of is reporting today that there is a new subscription game service coming to the Android platform from Extent called GameTanium.

Extent has the distinction of creating the digital distribution tech backbone behind Verizon Games, and has now created it’s own platform to deliver gaming content to Android users.  According to the article, for a flat monthly fee, Android users will be able to access over one hundred native Android games. The article did not say which games, or what kind of quality we are looking at here.  Hopefully it is not just a bunch of flash based games that you can find for free on the internet.

Paying monthly for gaming is something that I am not sure people are going to be willing to do on their handsets.  There would have to be a pretty compelling reason to do so.  There is no word on pricing for GameTanium as of yet. More info on this as it comes across the wire.

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