Intercept to Get Froyo in a Few Months (Virgin Mobile)

Well, at least this Samsung phone is getting updated to Froyo. Pre-paid wireless provider Virgin Mobile announced via Twitter that the Intercept, an 800 Mhz landscape slider that launched at Target stores last fall, will be upgraded to Android 2.2 “sometime this spring.”

While I’m sure Intercept owners would rather hear “this week” or “this month” than “this spring,” having a commitment of some kind is better than not knowing if or when it’d get an update at all.

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  1. JimmyDaGeek
    January 13, 10:26 Reply


    I’ll be pessimistic and hope for Jun 1.

  2. WrlsFanatic
    January 13, 11:15 Reply

    The Sprint one is already updated, and STOCK Android made my wife’s Intercept about 100x better.

  3. staciedaisy
    January 13, 11:26 Reply

    This was rolled out about a month ago, then taken back…jsut like all the other samsung froyo updates :) We will see how long round 2 lasts!

  4. Dan
    January 13, 11:33 Reply

    I used the sprint update on my VM intercept per instructions at sdx, howardforums etc…. works great except no MMS which is a known issue (and not a big deal for me).

    Also using beautiful widgets and and have the phone looking and acting(animations) like on the HTC models with the flip clock and animated weather..

    very sharp

    I had a HTC with windows 7 version through T Mobile and while I loved the phone just gets to be insane paying a supposed price get your bill and it is $17 more than the $49.99 it is suppose to be.

    Through VM I get the same 3G speeds .Unlimited Web/data and 300 minutes for $25 a month..that’s $25 amonth..not $25 and $17 worth of additional fees ..very happy with VM and the Samsung Intercept..

  5. Jay Dub
    January 13, 12:31 Reply

    I have a Milestone on AT&T right now and I’m not under contract. If this phone could get down to maybe $120 like the Cricket lineup, I’d jump ship. At $250 for the phone, it would take me about 2 years just to break even. :)

    • Lexie
      February 16, 09:17 Reply

      But how much is your monthly bill? I found the Intercept (Virgin Mobile) at Best Buy for $150. I was with Sprint before, also had an Intercept. I paid $30 for the phone, and $85 a month for a contract price with Sprint. Cheap up front phone price, basically robbed monthly for the service.

      Recently, I spent $150 on the VM phone, and at $25 a month for no-contract service, I will break even in less than 4 months.

      What’s your current monthly bill with AT&T, that is making VM seem like a bad deal? It is not fun paying for the phone up front, but it sure is enjoyable to have an extra $50+ every month.

  6. jacob
    January 13, 13:25 Reply

    Uhm.. I’m pretty sure 2.2 will be out-dated when VM releases the update.

  7. zach
    January 13, 17:17 Reply

    i have the VM intercept and its a piece of junk i bought it at target about a week after i bought it everything started lagging couuldent multi-task couldent make calls and its never been droppped or anything to hurt it. i think VM rushed to put it out and failed ive read reviews from ppl sayin they liked it and it worked fine but my doesent mayb i have bad luck and got a defective phone but i dnt kno hopefully the new upgrade 2.2 will help thats if i even keep it till then

  8. Jose
    January 14, 00:59 Reply

    I am staying with 2.1 since i’m rooted and have no need for 2.2

  9. Cornelius
    January 14, 08:20 Reply

    If I get the Intercept now can it be upgraded when Froyo is released. I would hate to spend the money and end up with an outdated phone.

  10. The Brain
    January 14, 11:38 Reply

    I also got to the point of declaring my Intercept garbage, but now it’s fine. If your Intercept is sluggish, start removing apps until it works again. I believe the AP Mobile app was the worst offender. The processor is definitely on the slow side, and the OS will randomly load up apps in the background out of your control – android fans will tell you this is normal and necessary – I say BS. DO get a task manager like ATK. DON’T load up an alternate launcher – I did that and it became unusably sluggish, going back to the default launcher solved that problem. The Froyo update includes a more efficient interpreter that is supposed to run 2x-5x faster than 2.1. So the experience should noticably improve with the update. I think the WORST part of this phone is the dialer UI, which often has me accidentally dialing people back when I hang up. Still, for UNLIMITED DATA TETHERING and FREE TURN BY TURN GPS you absolute cannot beat this phone.

  11. Bree
    January 16, 21:34 Reply

    I don’t get this. Okay. I have a few questions. First when in spring is the Froyo coming out? second does it look like the intercept? which is better?? how much is it? Lastly what is the differences between the intercept and the froyo?

    • chase
      January 18, 01:27 Reply

      Idiot froyo is the next update for the intercept its not a different phone

  12. derr
    January 19, 16:15 Reply

    I bet once this comes out it will be time for 2.3 why do they take so long? Vm only has a couple smart phones how lame.

  13. VincentL
    February 08, 12:44 Reply

    It seems that the Intercept will not be able to support 2.3 due to its hardware that is not high end enough (ARMV6 processor, 800Mhz).
    Without 2.3, but with 2.2 hopefully very soon, will it still be a good smart phone that I can use for about $25 a month? Yes
    I have been lucky with mine, despite a significant # of apps installed, it still behaves fairly well and fast enough for me.

  14. Wadya
    February 10, 08:24 Reply

    There is new update on virginmobileus twitter account:

    @islandboy4lyfe Yes – the update will be coming this Spring – stay tuned for more specific details.
    10:33 AM Feb 8th via web in reply to islandboy4lyfe

    Check – – to see it with your own eyes. Looks like all Forums missed the latest twitter update.

  15. Wadya
    February 17, 07:12 Reply

    We know you have been asking for specifics on when VM will be getting the update to Android Froyo 2.2….it will be available about 3/25.
    24 minutes ago via web

    virginmobileus on

  16. Jesus
    April 11, 01:01 Reply

    Two days ago i recieved a text from virgin mobile saying it will be available for over the air download after 4/11/11. Yay!!!

  17. Kittyjw2001-000
    April 11, 13:47 Reply

    I have the intercept and it worked fine for the first few days, now I can barely turn it off….to do a task, most of the time I have to touch it like 5 or 6 times, the touch screen is terrible….Anyway, i received a notice for the update starting today, the 11th for Froyo….Well, how do you do it!? I went to try it, but it keeps taking me to past web pages that I have visited, when it finally got it right to take me to VM, there was no place to install the upgrade!? Am I doing something wrong? I don’t think I am, just wondering if anyone else is having a problem.

  18. Zsyed1016
    April 21, 22:12 Reply

    I’ve had my VM Intercept since january and the 2.2 froyo update came today. It pretty much fixed the major flaw with the phone (laggy unresponsiveness) and every possible thing was made better. Widgets work properly, games play how they should (before update agry birds would never completely load). I’m very happy with it now, it was like going from dial up to cable internet all over again.

  19. Zsyed1016
    April 21, 22:12 Reply

    I’ve had my VM Intercept since january and the 2.2 froyo update came today. It pretty much fixed the major flaw with the phone (laggy unresponsiveness) and every possible thing was made better. Widgets work properly, games play how they should (before update agry birds would never completely load). I’m very happy with it now, it was like going from dial up to cable internet all over again.

  20. Misskeech
    April 21, 22:39 Reply

    Same here, just got my update today and it’s running great…Just very leary of VM service, so i’m keeping my fingers crossed that it stays this way.

  21. Misskeech
    April 22, 00:51 Reply

    Well, that didn’t take long…….I can’t access the web AGAIN! and VM, it is NOT my phone, cause my son has VM on a different phone, and he cannot access the web either! Nice, very nice…..I’m going to go check out boost….Anything has got to be better than Virgin Mobile! ~sigh~

  22. Memorios
    April 23, 04:42 Reply

    i just got froyo for my intercept a couple days ago :)

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