Samsung Creates Mini-Site for Galaxy Player 50, Says it’s “Made for Heroes” [VIDEO]


Samsung has created an entire mini-site for their new Android 2.1-based Galaxy Player 50.  As some of you know, the first Android powered MP3 device is now making its way across the UK, after which we hope to see it come stateside.  The device features a 3.2-inch TFT LCD screen, 16GM internal memory (expandable via microSD), GPS, WiFi, and most other typical Android options.  Moving along, the mini-site gives visitors everything they need to know about the MP3 player, including a bunch of related videos.

The website and accompanying clips revolve around a pair of bungling criminals who try to hold up a convenience store.  Unfortunately for them, everyone in the store has a Samsung Galaxy Player 50, which aids in them taking down the would-be thieves.  The first video sets up the premise and leaves users in control of who they would pick to step into action.  It’s like one of those choose-your-own-adventures books.  We (ahem) arbitrarily picked “The Hot Girl” over the “Fan”, “Grandma”, “Kung Fu Master”, and “Nerd”.  Her videos are embedded below for your viewing pleasure.  After you’re done, click through to watch how the others would react.

  • Pax

    Samsung SUCKS.

    • flowergirl!

      Samsung ROCKS!!!! this player is gonna beat up all Apple crappp. I really with they nade it before so Apple could not show off their sucking stuff all over the way. I dont like it – those awful overweighted overpriced devices seem to be kikking off their asses. I adore Samsung!!! they h\make really high quality and innovative gizmos like this Android 2.1-based pmp which will definitely would be a real rival to iPods!))