Tonight on AGTN!

Tonight on the Android Guys Thursday Night Droid-cast stream, (wow that is a mouthful) #36 (wait wasn’t #36 last week?  NO IT NEVER HAPPENED):

You can listen and watch LIVE at, if you are mobile, you can listen at  The action starts at 9:00 PM CST!

We will be talking about CES this week, getting the recap from Aaron (@adroidian), Jake (@droiddev) and Chris (@ctsoyars) who were on the ground.  We will interview the CEO of Xtify with a live screen cast of a demo of his app.

Of course we will hit up all the relevant android news and happenings from the past few weeks.

Last but certainly not least we will be letting Ray have his new segment called “Ray-ging”, where he gets to rant without us making fun of him, at least for a few minutes.  Tonight “Rayge” is going to be pretty funny, as Ray has his pants in a knot over the current T-Mobile/Samsung debacle with the Vibrant Plus and lack of Froyo OTA to the current Vibrant.

All this and much more so make sure to join us tonight!

Tonight’s AGTN Cast is:

Ray Walters (@raywalters)

Aaron Kasten (@adroidian)

Benji Hertel (@thedudesandroid)

Stacie Nuss (@staciedaisy)

Chris Soyars (@ctsoyars)

Jake Southers – Producer and keeper of the One Ring. (devdroid)

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  1. megalosdog
    January 13, 22:50 Reply

    This has nothing to do with the subject but, I really like ag. not a bunch of assholes
    Like ac. We are all sensible adults, (most of us) and that’s why I changed my rss feed to this site. Keep up the good work guys!

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