Tweetcaster Lets You Tell Tweeters to Zip It

With Tivo, I almost never watch live TV, delaying even big games and season finales so that I can skip the ads. But since I always have one eye on Twitter, occasionally a surprise is spoiled when I see someone tweet who’s watching in real time. Handmark’s Twitter client Tweetcaster has added a feature that will help solve that problem.

Tap on a tweet in the new version of Tweetcaster and one of your options is “Zip It.” That option lets you choose to zip the person who tweeted, anyone else mentioned in the tweet, any hashtags mentioned in the tweet, and/or any key word or phrase. Once zipped, any tweets that match won’t show up in your tweet stream. Instead, you’ll just see a zipper in their place. If you change your mind, just slide open the zipper and you can take a look and/or turn off the filter.

It’s a handy addition to an already polished Twitter app, and I haven’t seen quite the same feature in other Twitter apps.  (Though if you know of another Twitter app with similar filtering functionality, let us know in the comments.)

Ad-supported and paid ($3.99) versions of Tweetcaster are available in the Android Market.

Source: All Things D

  • There’s a Twitter app for Android which allows you to mute someone — I think it’s Twidroyd or Plume.

    • Right, but that’s just limited to muting a specific person, right? Or does it have hashtag and keyword options too?

  • Ryan

    Plume has a mute function that allows you to mute any word, user, or even application. Thus, you can block all tweets via Foursquare for example.

    • Thanks, Ryan, I didn’t realize Plume’s mute was so configurable!

  • John

    I read all these sites in an effort to sort out the best twitter app but everyone seems to have their own opinion so I am no further forward so I guess its horses for courses and pick the best for you. The only snag is that I find something good in all in them but its no good in me in having them all on my phone as I am sure there would be a data usage issue

  • Carbon is a great app that allows for a multitude of options to filter out content.