There is Someone Out There That is Angrier Than Me…

I knew that people shared my anger about the whole T-Mo/Samsung debacle from the last few days, but there is someone out there who has gone further than my “Rayge Against the Machine” segment on AGTN.

This thread from the XDA Forums says that the user named “MicBeast” has filed a class action lawsuit against both T-Mo and Samsung.  The thread claims that the suit says that both companies have engaged in “unfair and deceptive consumer business practices”.

Now, the original poster provides no legal documents, says that the lawyer he talked to said he had a strong case and the whole nine, but take this whole thing with a grain of salt.  If he really goes through with it, I will be watching with much interest, since I think it will be difficult to convince a court of law that proof exists.  More info as it unfolds.

Image Credit: Patagonian Toothfish

  • Ozzmo

    I’ve been affected by these deceptive practices as well. Can I take part in this suit as well?

  • Joe

    Some ppl seriously need to get over themselves. Oh and hey be sure to get the evo on sprint when you get there, because it will definitely get 2.3 even tho the new evo is coming out less than a year later. Yes that’s sarcasm. Again still don’t understand the anger towards T-mobile when they have pretty much no choice in the matter (ditching sammy is not an option as T-mobile would probably have gone out of business w/out their device). Sprint, verizon, and att are in the same boat, but I see no blame cast on them? This brainwashing crap is starting to disappoint me androidguys. Please don’t become the android gizmodo…

  • Scmo

    I’m going to have to agree with Joe I’m tired of hearing this rant about samsung and tmobile. Who makes the interface and updates for these phones? Samsung not the carrier. I understand people are upset mainly bc its not a hspa device and didn’t get the update but since Samsung has had a track record for not updating phones (behold II) and you knew 4g devices were coming out why didn’t you wait? Tmobile should not be to blame for this lack of update fiasco. They are not totally innocent but the blame game is probably 90-10. If Tmobile were the last to provide the update I can see an argument but from what I know no samsung phone in the US yet has the update yet so chill out people. Need it that bad flash your phone, don’t want to? Buy a nexus one, you’ll get most of the updates first. Or better yet come over to HTC the water is nice over here. As far as that lawsuit is concerned lots of time and money wasted for nothing. Lawyers will sue anyone about anything, I could break into your house to rob you slip on the floor and accidently impale myself on a knife and sue you for injuries. It has happened. Enough of my rant about this anti tmobile/samsung rant business.

  • rev2redlineguy

    I think the thing that is making people upset is the fact that they are about to release the Vibrant 4G plus (or whatever they are going to call it) soon so people feel like they are getting shafted by T-Mobile (since they are selling it) and Samsung for not keeping their word (when the Galaxy S was released) on quick updates. They feel like all T-Mobile and Samsung want customers to do is spend more money to buy another device then wait for the update (if it ever does get updated). All consumer faith has been lost from Samsung simply because they are giving people false hope for updates and then nothing. I mean it’s not like people can shell out $500+ every 6 months or so for a new phone but that is what these companies want and are hoping for people to do (since some actually are able to). I hate to say it but this debate isn’t going away for a long time because people entrusted Samsung, even after the Behold II fiasco and it looks like history is repeating itself again so yeah I’d be pissed off too.

    • Joshua

      Getting pissed off is one thing. Suing over it is another, lmao. Samsung isn’t the first and won’t be the last to practice business this way. People wouldn’t get mad if they didn’t want the product so badly. The only way to remedy it is to stop buying. By the time the new Samsung came out for the 4 carriers, people had plenty of notice about how Samsung handles updates. Ignorance is not a reason to condemn Samsung. Shame on them for the first time, shame on yourself for the next time.

  • Philosophics

    I blame Samsung. T-Mobile has a very small part in it as well but not enough for me to blame them.

    Samsung has always made crap phones and promised consumers time and time again that they would update their devices “as soon as possible”. The behold 2 was by far, one of the worst android devices I have ever owned. They promised we would see an update for months and as soon as a lawsuit was threatened and/or received, they decided to update the device but only to 1.6 so there was really no point and it just caused more anger than not having an update at all. Yes, slap me in the face after I’ve been screwed like a dirty school girl with no lube. Exactly what I was lookin for.

    Things like this are the reason I will never buy another Samsung mobile device and I will talk ANYONE I can out of buying one as well. You can only screw consumers over for so long until they finally figure out what’s going on and switch to HTC.

    In my opinion, Samsung should not make mobile devices cause in the long run, they’re really gonna be hurtin if they keep this track record goin. And this Vibrant+ or whatever it’s called is just wrong. Business wise, I get it. More money, more consumers underneath you. But I don’t own a vibrant so I can’t really speak on the matter of a class action lawsuit. But honestly, I don’t blame the guy. More power to him but T-mobile shouldn’t be held responsible for Samsungs …greed. Should probably get revised before it actually gets submitted, if that happens at all…

  • corey

    I am really rived off about this! T-no has had the update
    for a long time & has not released it!
    There has been several promises that it would be released.
    first this month then that month and then another months.
    For the last 6 or more. I’m sick of seeing new phones come out
    then a week later they get upgrade!

  • corey

    oh yeah and 1 more thing they sold over 12,000,000 of things
    & now they are going to make a galaxy- 4G and not t
    upgrade this one. Again, T-No has had the upgrade for a while.
    I am speaking of Android 2.2 Froyo.

  • Mark

    I’ve been waiting for many months for t-mobil to push the promised up date for my wifes my touch
    3G phone, I read on t-mobil forums that the update was to be pushed out on or by December 15.
    It never happend I rechecked the forums then it was changed to the fender editions only, I was
    A bit upset untill a week ago we got a txt from t-mobil saying a update for her phone was on its
    Way 1-2 weeks away we haven’t got it yet, but that was only 1 week ago so my fingers are crossed

  • Spike

    Samsung has made a believer out of me. I now believe that Samsung is a bad corporation and I will not be buying ANY Samsung products in the future. T-Mobile could use its muscle and get the updates out and they are sitting on their hands. No updates means people might buy new phones and then T-Mobile AND Samsung make more money. T-Mobile and the other carriers deserve just as much blame because they are not fighting for their customers.

    Corporate America is screwing us again.

  • txtr

    The information in this article and the one it links to is totally false. Samsung is not intentionally delaying anything. Getting Android 2.2 to work on a phone is extremely difficult, quite possibly the most difficult thing in the world. Just look what happened with the Canadian Galaxy S variant. Froyo fried its internal storage. Samsung just has inexperienced software developers.

    • Alejandro

      If 3rd different guys can get 2.2 to work on thethe galaxy s line then I’m pretty sure samsung already has it working don’t be stupid

  • Alejandro

    Let’s keep in mind guys that at&t is famous for locking stuff out just to release it 6 months later as awesome new technology solutions why wouldn’t t-mobile do it too!? The technology is obviously already there in running 2.3.1 on my att cappy right now. But not because of att they have been officially promising us 2.2 since I got the phone in October and last month they just began ignoring questions about when the release is. I blame both companies these phones are fullfully capable of running the software its a business scam to keep it locked out so they can sell more devices like why did one galaxy s device have the ffc while all the others went without it? They are identical phones in every way. But you can make more money if release a “new” phone with it 6 mos. Later. I’m all for the law suit its about time these big companies got outed Google is claiming to be an open market and good for the little products and Google is holding up their end its time these carriers and phone makers held up theirs to or its all just gonna be one big apple world where they just screw us all over daily

  • Mark

    That is the dumbest fu–ing thing I have heard in a long time. File a lawsuit against a carrier and a manufacturer because they didn’t give you a “free” upgrade. All of you sh-theads that are angry need your as-es kicked for being brainless. It’s dumbf-cks like you that cause prices to increase for the rest of us. When you file a lawsuit the accused party has to pay for their legal fees someway, which means higher prices. No one forced you to buy this phone, so sell it and buy a phone with froyo or gingerbread and shut the f-ck up. Next time you buy a phone, do some research and make sure a better phone or os is not being released in the future. Oh, wait a minute, that will never happen! Having your gadget become outdated is the beauty of technology, it means things are improving. Maybe you pus-ies should take up a hobby that has no chance of you throwing a temper tantrum when a new product is released, like knitting. Do all of us a favor and stop fuc-ing things up for the rest of us.

  • Larry

    if your biggest problem is your 6 month old phone hasn’t gotten an update yet you should consider yourself blessed.