File Taxes From Your Android Phone with TurboTax SnapTax

We’re nearing that time of year when people agonize over their taxes.  Over the years, things have gotten easier for the average Joe as PC software has helped to lessen the mental burden.  Things continue to progress this year with Intuit’s TurboTax-branded SnapTax application for Android phones. Users who typically file simple tax returns (1040EZ) can do so directly from their handsets by taking a picture of their W-2 statement. After a few more tidbits of info, the user is ready to send off their taxes. The application is free to download and install, however, it runs $14.99 for a TurboTax filing license to process the form.


  • Jaymoon

    That is awesome that you can just take a picture of your W2 and have it fill out your information that way!

    The $15 processing fee however is keeping me away. Especially since most people qualify for Turbo Tax’s FREE filing option:

    Most federal AND state filing is totally free depending on your income level and state you live in.

  • Awesome Android.