Google Music to be Integrated into Future Builds of Android?

Going back as far as last year’s Google I/O conference we’ve been hearing about Google getting into the music space. In May 2010 we were treated to a demonstration of the ability to stream music files directly from handsets and then promised that we’d see it in the future. Today sees what looks to be a hint of how Google plans to integrate music into Android phones.

According to GizmoFusion, the screen shot above comes from a phone said to be running Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’. We’re not saying they don’t have their information correct, but this would be the first documented case of stock 2.3 with this feature. We’d like to think this might be a future version of Android. Either way, we’re stoked.

What we do find interesting here is that it appears to sync files from somewhere, likely a Google cloud. It’s one thing to be able to listen to music from your desktop back home, via streaming. It’s something completely different if users never have to physically download them, streaming them on-demand over 3G/4G instead. The only problem we see for music fans is how quickly they might burn through their allotted data.

  • radiohawk

    if I can’t sync w/desktop with music stored on the device it’s not a viable option… just my opinion, but the whole cloud based option is highly over-rated…

  • Pieter s.

    This does not come with stock 2.3 but with the honeycomb music player that is leaked. I tot it too

  • Sid

    Google music coming to gingerbread is good news. But wht about the android market web integration thing? Has everyone forgotten about that?

  • jcase

    You really should credit people when you use their images. So should gizmofusion.

    Good find andrew.

    • Bukem

      Jcase! you’re alive! Please release your old app with the initials a. d. It would be greatly appreciated

  • Google Music we expect better than the rest.