Leaked Document Suggests March 1 Launch for Motorola Atrix 4G


An internal document from AT&T might be considered confirmation of a launch date for the hot, new Motorola Atrix 4G.  Considered one of the best Android-devices to be unveiled at last week’s CES, the phone looks to be arriving on Tuesday, March 1.  However, as AndroidCentral notes, this may or may not be 100-percent certain as AT&T typically releases phones on Sunday.  Pricing remains a mystery although we surmised on this Monday’s podcast that it may run somewhere in the $200-$249 ball park. Leaked document after the break.


  1. sure, I’ll look into getting it without contract to unlock and use on TMO, I’ll have to check,but my guess right now is it’ll work fine.

  2. I don’t care as long I get myself the world most powerful phone. Plus I can buy the laptop dock accessory now I won’t need to get myself a real laptop

  3. I still want to see how much it and the accessories will cost. But that release date is the day after I’m upgrade eligible. 🙂


  4. Under “Top Features” it says Dual Cameras, but under “Additional Specs” it says “Camera 1”, is this another instance of the manufacturer offering a 2 camera version and AT&T opting for the 1 camera model, or is it just a typo?