If You Missed AGTN Tonight, You Missed a Great One!

If you missed the Android Guys Thursday Night Droid-Cast on Streamly.tv, you missed a good one!  Here is what went down on the live stream:

  • We interviewed Josh Schiffman from Xtify, where he did a live screen cast demo of the Xtify service, you will want to check out the archive because it is a pretty slick push notification service for Android.
  • We debuted the segment “Rayge Against the Machine”, where Ray Walters our host shared his rage at the current state of affairs with the Samsung Vibrant on T-Mo.  Whether you think he is dead wrong or not, it was certainly entertaining!
  • We talked with Aaron and Jake about their CES experience, the live streaming and all the cool gadgets and toys they saw.
  • We had a good laugh at Stacie’s mispronunciation of the word “amoled”, while talking about the rumored Galaxy S2 device.
  • There as much conjecture about what Sprint is up to with their New York event coming up. We noticed that both HTC and Sprint were both conspicuously absent from CES.  Coincidence?
  • We talked about PONGforHope.com that is coming up on Feb. 18th.  Don’t Hate the Geek announced that their show would be donating ten percent of all their t-shirt sales to the PONG for hope effort.

All of this and much more, if you missed it or want to watch it again, you can check out the AGTN archives at http://www.streamly.tv/agtnftw/agtnftw-archives/.

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