Samsung Forte Headed to MetroPCS as LTE Device

For the second time in a week, we’ve learned of a forthcoming MetroPCS handset from Samsung with LTE capabilities. This model, the Forte, is said to run Android 2.2 and feature a 1GHZ Hummingbird processor, a 5-megapixel camera, and a sliding QWERTY keyboard. It’s possible that this is simply a sliding QWERTY variation of the R910 leaked earlier in the week, but we’ll wait to find out for sure.

Any MetroPCS subscribers looking to pick up an LTE-ready Android phone?

  • TheDirtySanchez

    Yes !!! I will be getting that 🙂

  • 4G or Not To 4G

    Impressed…this should be a big deal for MetroPCS…would be kind of funny if their network becomes the fastest out there.

  • Beyond Excited

    I am super excited for this, but it makes me a little skeptical to get it right away knowing that MetroPCS is doing big things… I’m definately looking forward to more information though.

  • john

    this will be a great phone for my nephew and to think you can get this and have lets say the 45 dollar a month plan on metro pcs and then hopefully you can download the hulu plus app for free and only pay 8 dollars a month thats not bad and oh yeah no contract wow all this phone needs to push it over the top is super amoled display

  • ariash

    oh yeah!!!! am ready fot this phone

  • Ugore

    the 4G speed will overpower the competition. IT has already been proved when they benchmarked the craft against the nexus 1. The nexus beat out the craft in ALL areas except upload/download speeds.

    Metropcs uses verizon towers and the LTE is awesome

  • Wadya

    MetroPCS needs to offer USD 40, 50 and 60 layered plans for new 4G Android phone too! That will allow people to use unlimited text, talk and data (e-mail, web browser) with minimum of USD 40. 4 inch Super AMOLED screen, FM Radio, FM Transmitter and ability to root and install Cyanogenmod custom ROM would be great!

  • bailey

    Just heard about it sounds good but i hate sliding phones, so that is a real down side for me, and if u think you are going to get the $40-$50 plan with it then you are nuts,$60 plan only,they may or may not tell you but i know metro, they will upgrade your plan and not say a word. the best phones have to have the best service and LTE is $60 a month,still good but…. just not a fan of sliders,have had a finesse since 6/09 and LOVE IT,cracked screen and all!

  • Ortron

    Does it play movies????

  • Ortron

    also does it have a 32gb micro chip that can be installed??