What new Verizon phone to buy? With infographic.


Looking to by one of the hot new phones Verizon announced in the last 2 weeks? After the break is an interesting Info-graphic breaking down the Droid Bionic, iPhone4 and HTC Thunderbolt.

Thanks to Skattertech and Ian Thackston for the image.

  • Ozzmo

    I think the number of apps in the android market is higher than 100k now.

  • Randy A

    I just searched for Dolphin in the Market and waded through an endless list of themes for the “app”. I would wager that if themes, wallpapers and icon sets were counted as such the actual number of apparently would be well short of the 100,000 mark. Half? Fewer that that?

    • gp

      right man

    • The_Omega_Man

      Actually the number is well over 100,000 apps.. so with the fluff your are right around 100,000 real apps in the market. And do the same for the 300,000 i-product apps and you will see a significant drop as well. Therefore it is all relative.

    • megalosdog

      exactly why im switching

  • Czm2000

    Supposed to be over 200K right about now. But definitely over 100K.

  • megalosdog

    I’ve been a faithful android owner for a year but I’m switching to iphone on feb 3.

    • kjgear

      Just curious, why are you switching?

      • megalosdog

        Well, I like modding/hacking/tweaking of the android os, but it seems like every android phone I’ve had has some kind of flaw/lag/freeze. I also just want something consistent with updates/fixes. I’m gonna give ios a shot, who knows might be to boring for me! Also I can see clearly the bionics hardware is superior however I have come to learn that its not always the hardware to make the difference. Thanks for the info 🙂

        • The_Omega_Man

          The problems that you are having sound more like app issues than phone issues, especially if they are persistent across phones. I have found that by carefully screening my apps that I can greatly improve my device stability and performance. But to each his own.

          • megalosdog

            Thank you for the info.. I will try in safe mode. Still gonna get the iphone if I don’t like it I’m sure I could sell it in second or return it. The only other phone I would get is the bionic, that thunder bolt is not impressive esp with with the snapdragon. Why wouldn’t they put a dual core in it? Oh well whatever.

          • Spencer

            @megalosdog umm…the iphone doesn’t exactly have dual core either. It also doesn’t support 4g…the bionic is the clear winner here, thunderbolt 2nd and there is no third, as that phone deserves no prizes.

          • megalosdog

            @ spencer, maybe you should read my post again. I clearly stated that the bionics hard ware was superior, I never said the iphone has a dual core, again error on your part. And that thunder bolt is just vzw version of the evo nothing more, an incredible with 4g and a big screen….

    • Why ? The graphic shows the Droid Bionic is so clearly better than the iPhone4. If I get the gist of the checkmarks, x’s, and other specs, it looks like Bionic wins on 14 details vs. the iPhone4 on 4. The iPhone(not really)4(G) is not a compelling purchase regardless of network.

  • Marc

    Ahahaha this is a load of crap this is what verizon wants you to buy, but I say fuck verizon I want out of there carrier

    • Adam

      Maybe if another carrier would cover even half of what Verzon does I would do the same. However, if you are a business professional or just want to be able to call your family whenever or wherever you want you need Verizon. Where I live in Ohio Verizon and Altel are actually the only two companies that even offer service.

      • megalosdog

        Agreed…I would never consider another carrier

      • The_Omega_Man

        I am in that travel category, I tried at&t and sprint before and both let me down in critical situations so Verizon it is….for now! 😉

    • megalosdog

      Ok then go get a trac phone. And troll some where else

  • oldtaku

    This is a fantastic graphic – I want a column for every new phone one the market!

    Of course that’s a hell of a lot of work.

  • justified

    cant wait to switch to verizon for the thunderbolt, i just hope their lte prices are reasonable.

  • jayco

    I played with the Thunderbolt at CES and I watched a guy play six embedded flash videos on the Thunderbolt without any lag or hiccup. He also tried to play the same videos on his IPhone and it didn’t work. I then did a speed test on the device using and got download speeds of 21mbps and it wasn’t on wifi I promise. I am in for the Thunderbolt and Verizon’s 4GLTE network! Can not wait!!!

    • megalosdog

      That’s because the iphone doesn’t have flash. Check the specs.

    • megalosdog

      For some reason I don’t believe you’re claims. Maybe because android central posted that there was no carrier data connection at ces

  • Scmo

    You guys must love your car payment/phone bill. Verizon is way too expensive. No value

    • The_Omega_Man

      The value comes in the ability to make phone calls almost anywhere in the U.S. That is invaluable to a business traveler.. I have had to lend my phone to work associates, when traveling, because their pretty i-products did not have signal or kept dropping their calls. What good is faster 3G when there is NO 3G service??? I have to do WiFi hot-spotting for my college’s i-products. That is pathetic . Pay a little more if more consistent service is important for you. My favorite is a car full of people on Sprint and at&t trying to navigate to a restaurant in a new city who do not have a reliable signal on the move. I get them there, reliably most of the time.

      • megalosdog

        Couldn’t agree more the other carriers will always be subpar. Esp att….what a joke and its not that much cheaper either. You want quality? You gotta pay.

  • The_Omega_Man

    What I want to know is why NONE of the new phones (save the Nexus S) are coming with Android 2.3? Anyone?

    • megalosdog

      Exactly my point.

    • Dianne

      The 2.3 code has only been available to manufacturers for a little over a month. That is not nearly enough time to get into a product that is shipping soon — you need to plan at least a month for production, a month for carrier certification, and switching to a new platform base requires at least a full cycle of QA and bug fixing which is probably another month.

  • The_Omega_Man

    Oh and didn’t Motorola come out and say that there was no Blur on Droid phones?

  • C

    This graphic doesn’t do the Droid Bionic justice. It has a dual core processor clocked at 1 Ghz each and can output at 1080p, and also has a biometric fingerprint sensor

  • Moose

    Kudos to the team who made this graphic up. Wish there was a graphic for ALL Android phones right now. My G1 died yesterday, but I’m not sure which one I want yet. If Apple made a slider with 5 rows of keys like the G1, I might consider it, but then I’d probably have to sell my soul too…..

    Any former G1 users have suggestions on an upgrade path? I’m not all that impressed with the G2, and I’m disappointed the EVOshift is just the G2 with a better slider. I was kind hoping it was gonna have the same size screen as the EVO. I’m far enough into my contract with TMO, that I’ll have to pay $100 to get out of it.

    • Moose

      After much bitching to TMO, somehow their website decided to give me a free G2. Wasn’t that way 2 days ago…..