The CyanogenMod Nightlies Are Back; This Time with Extra Gingerbread

Team Douche strikes again! Yesterday, a post on announced the roll out of the infamous nightly builds, which are all based upon the newest version of the mod, CyanogenMod 7 (CM7).

For those who are not familiar with what “nightly builds” are, they are extreme beta builds released every night that compile the latest code that Team Douche has contributed into the project that given day. Think of it as testing the early beta of application or game while it is still being developed. This means that from time to time, the user regularly updating to the latest Nightlies will likely find bug fixes and new features. After Team Douche fully prepares the release, they will release a Release Candidate ROM for each device to continue ironing out bugs, and eventually, the official stable release will be available.

At a glance, Nightlies appear to be broken, buggy, and unprepared releases of the latest CyanogenMod. This time, though, Cyanogen (Steve Kondik) has ensured his confidence in these early builds and has stated, “The current state of CM7 is pretty solid- you should have no problem using these as your daily driver, but always do a a backup before flashing!” I have already flashed my phone’s nightly (myTouch Slide) and I can affirm Cyanogen’s statement that it is indeed stable enough to use as a daily driver. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be any random and horrific bugs, but I do recommend giving it a flash if you have an eligible device.

Speaking of eligible devices, a list of the devices that have Nightlies available for CM7 is posted here. It is important to note that for the first time ever, the HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1) and HTC Magic (myTouch 3G) are not included.

Have you given the CM7 Nightlies a try? If you have, sound off in the comments about what you think of the ROM!

  • loving my CM7 nightlies!

  • Nicolas

    I’m using the first Nightly as my daily driver right now and I’m not running into any major problems

  • Ryan

    It’s running great for me on my Moto Droid. The only issues I’ve seen…EasyMoney won’t seem to import my backup. It imports but shows no accounts/data.

    Also, AdFree doesn’t seem to work, when I try to update the host file, I get the following error “”.

    Minor issues for me….so I have to see a few ads for awhile. I’ll live.

    Thanks Cyanogen and Team Douche!

    • Chahk

      Uninstall Adfree and re-install it from Market.

  • Erismaster

    At Ryan. Unistall adfree and re install it. That should fix it.I had that issue on kgb.

  • Norm

    I flashed CM7 to my OG Droid last night. The biggest issues for me are that DSP manager force closes whenever it tries to load. Secondly, but documented, is that 3g (mobile data) doesn’t work immediately after a call. Lastly, can’t get phone to return to Home screen after call–works in CM6.1.2.

  • Working great on my Evo. Unfortunately GPS is not locking for more than a couple of seconds at a time then the navigation lady goes “GPS signal lost” and keeps searching uselessly for it for a few minutes.

    Maybe I missed something from the instructions. Will boot into recovery and wipe cache and see if that helps.

  • RCX

    I have tested the CM7 running on my HTC HD2…it works brilliantly!

  • Elvis

    Woo im psyched

  • Harley

    I flashed it yesterday got update today to build 4and I’m loving it only down side I can’t get google maps on my mytouch slide

  • Just flashed build #3 to my HTC Desire HD and it worked fine. Can’t really use it for anything though because it didn’t install Google Apps. Tried installing it manually and all that but no luck. So yeah, that pretty much kills it for me as I can’t get my contacts, calendar or market apps.

    The sneek peek I got of Gingerbread though was nice. 🙂

  • lolobabes

    Using for almost 3 wks now, pretty stable.

  • frank

    i have all google apps. except google maps,why so?
    this is on nightly build 2/1 2011