Fuel to the Fire: Vibrant Plus to Have Gingerbread, Not Froyo?

Wow. That’s all I can really say about Samsung at this point. Wow. First we get leaked images and specs of the Vibrant Plus, which is supposed to be running Froyo, HSPA+, and a front-facing camera. Then someone from Samsung explains that they charge a carrier for pretty much any kind of update, and now this. We just got word from the guys over at BoyGeniusReport that’s sure to make a lot more Vibrant owners a lot angrier. They’ve gotten a photo of the Vibrant Plus/Vibrant 4G, and it’s clearly running.. wait for it.. Gingerbread! Yeah, Samsung really went there. The Vibrant Plus could ship with Gingerbread, which is 2 steps up from the quickly aging Eclair that the current Vibrant is using.

Now, we can’t confirm this, but they say their source is trusted, so we’ll believe it.. for now.  More on this as it develops. So what do you AndroidGuys think about this? Sound off in the comments below!

  • Andrew Gomez

    Ouch, Vibrant users. That’s why i stick with HTC. Excellent track record. They are bringing up all of their myTouch 3G users to Froyo…a phone that came out almost two years ago. Just ordered my free G2. No Samsung for me.

  • JulioG

    That picture is NOT Gingerbread. Gingerbread does NOT have a AM/PM at the right hand corner like FroYo did?

    Fake! Looks like its a vibrant running @Euegens ROM.

    • Calvin

      The AM/PM is just an option in settings..

      • andr01d

        No, it is not. I have a Nexus S, there is no such setting

  • Samuel

    I declare bullshit, i think its a regular vibrant with a ffc mod. The rom looks like nero v5. Im running the rom and i can change lockscreens

    • Justin Marden

      That may be, but this look like the pictures we got a few weeks ago. Could just be a Vibrant running Froyo, but only time will tell.

  • Kaik541

    I’m sorry, I have to agree that this is simply a Vibrant with the FFC (Front Facing Camera) mod running a custom ROM with a gingerbread theme. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a well done job on the camera, but there’s a step-by-step guide on the xda forums to make it work like this. And considering the shot doesn’t have anything identifying it as Vibrant 4G (if the device even does look different cosmetically), this is just someone wanting attention. For instance, I can make my AT&T Captivate look identical to this: http://i.imgur.com/BzeZq.png

  • Jesse

    It’s not nero v 5 the install icon on top left is different on nero. does look a lot like ginger clone by @eugene_373 though, ran both. I find it hard to belive sammy would release vibrant plus with AOSP not touch wiz. definitely not convinced

  • Kenneth Pennington
  • JulioG

    Im running Gingerbread on MT4G. No option for the AM/PM under settings?

    • JJ

      Also….why not show the phone with H logo instead of 3G….though it can easily be modified

  • JJ

    I call BS!!!! Imperfect choppy ffc hole…like the one on my vibrant…plus no am/pm in gingerbread….compare factory ffc hole to picture on top http://goo.gl/vm9Tv

  • Cotillion

    Wow, quality of this site is going to end up dropping like a stone if these emotion pieces keep popping up beating dead angry horses. We get it, you’re mad at Samsung and are full of rage, lets take that as a given and report news as if you were a journalist. Speculate that it may possibly ship with Gingerbread because a source claims that. Also state that its possible it could just be a ROM of some kind and not true. Save all the “boy I bet this makes others as mad as me” stuff for the forums please.

    • Frigadroid

      Samsdung promised full flash support update coming soon aka froyo before the phone was released. So yeah they cheated us lied to us. 2.1 with touchwiz is very buggy and the gps still sucks. What’s worse I had the g1 before that and was waiting for flash player with that phone too. It sucks that my old dash could stream games out of the box and both of those android phones can’t.

      That’s what makes me mad not this new phone I don’t care about that. Every phone gets one upped sooner or later. Sapdung and tmobile have every right to promote the vibrant 4g they are in business to make money. They won’t get any more from me though. Come july I will consider an I phone or windows no more android fragmentation disappointment for me, unless things change by then.

  • Tim

    OK. If this IS Gingerbread then I will be at T-Mobile day 1 exchanging my almost 1 year old Vibrant for the Vibrant Plus.

    For the record it is just completely bad business that Samsung’s policy is to NOT provide updates for devices. Who does that? They cannot possibly believe it is better to have a legion of customers who are unhappy with their devices. That is NOT the way to have repeat customers. It makes me rethink buying ANYTHING from Samsung. Tablets, Laptops, TVs and A/V receivers included. Why would I buy them when I will be stuck in time.

    Its sad because Samsung had such promise and seemed to be ready to compete with Apple and the others now they are quickly on their way to the has been list.

    Dearest Samsung,

    There is still time to salvage this situation. Get your heads out of your collective arses and come up with a win-win-win deal that customers, carriers and you can be happy with. It cannot be that difficult. Your customers are unhappy.

  • AJ

    I am a Vibrant owner I was looking into getting a Samsung Tablet. After all this I read about a Vibrant Plus I am NEVER going to buy a Samsung phone or mobile product again.

  • This is a pic, this vibrant has a front facing camera if you look close or zoom in or click the pic bigger!!!!

  • Its definitely real look at the front facing camera at right top of the phone

  • Idle

    The camera means nothing. If u are the least bit tech savvy you can purchase a cam mod and install it yourself.
    Go to youtube and you will see a video and the finished product looks suspiciously similar to that pic’ just with a different skin.

  • Miguel

    Lol… mod the phone to put a camera in just to trick a few people? Its widely known that T-mobile is releasing a 4G version so who cares where the photo came from. The phone is real.

    As far as Mr. Kardem’s rants, I must say that they sound a bit like buyer’s remorse. Here you jumped the gun and bought the Vibtant without 4g and no front cam, and 2.2, even though at the time I betcha you we saying neither were that important. Now Samsung is releasing the phone with the features it SHOULD HAVE back then and you’re pissed.

    Seriously. It updates dominated your lite like this, you should get the Nexus S.

  • David

    WHO CARES?!? Spend half-an-hour and put whatever version of Android you want on your phone, then stop whining.

    • Anxid

      I’m with you, David. I went from a G1 to my Vibrant and I’m a happy camper. I kept it stock for a while, but Team Whiskey and Bionix sucked me in. What I don’t understand is the demand for updates from the company. I have owned quite a few computers, going back to DOS run systems and I never expected the operatind system to be upraded for free. I did my homework and knew what I was buying with my Vibrant and I’m still really happy with it. That being said I think it’s funny that my G-1 has a 2.2 Rom and my Vibrant is running a 2.1. I think I’ll keep em both.

  • Kayla

    I fucking hate T-mobile, why are they so behind on what everyone else has. :/