PlayStation Phone Spied in Handful of Videos

How about a host of videos of the we-know-it’s-real-so-just-announce-it PlayStation Phone?  Each is only a couple of minutes long at the most, but they do give us a good look at the form factor and UI that awaits us.  It’s widely anticipated that the phone will get its formal unveiling at next month’s Mobile World Congress.  Rumors peg the phone as carrying the name of Xperia Play when it debuts, but the world will call it the PlayStation Phone.

Are any of you waiting to pick this handset up once it becomes official?

  • RockinEvo

    Is there any articles that acutally shows gameplay, everyweek we have these “leaked” photos and videos showing someone sliding the phone checking the firmware but if it suppose to be a playstation phone why not show the people that want to get it some videos on how this will be different from someone that already has a psp (besides the phone functionality). To me I will have to pass on this, I can’t imagine putting my 360 aside to pick up this phone and play it for a long period of time, having games on Android is fine bring more but for me to spend money on a device that I’m not going to use what they are trying to embrace fully is not worth it

  • The big question is will it play psp games, ps1 games, or just for android gaming?

  • Eudaimonic

    Given the choice between this and a comparably priced high-end smartphone, I’d buy this just to use with emulators. Any PSP content that’s available on it would just be cake. Hopefully it won’t be too locked down.