T-Mobile Opens Doors on G-Slate Sign Up Page

T-Mobile has formally opened the doors for a sign-up page dedicated to the upcoming G-Slate.  This will be where you get the official news from the carrier as it pertains to the secretive Android 3.0 tablet from LG.  It’s due at some point this year but exactly how soon remains to be seen.  All it takes is the most basic of information: name, email, preferred language, and whether or not you are an existing customer. Any die-hard T-Mobile fans out there looking to scoop one of these up?

Via: TmoNews

  • Todd

    I’m on T-Mobile. I’d rather buy a wifi only device so I don’t have to worry about the 3g radio running the battery down. (I’ve got the Galaxy Tab to take with me, and I don’t even have service for it; just tether to the Nexus One.) But if I have to wait too much after the Xoom launches to get either wifi only or the G-Slate, I’ll get the Xoom.