You Tell Us: Which Feature Do You Wish Your Current Android Phone Had?


For the most part, we all love our Android phones.  Each of us has our different reasons for picking the handset we did, be it carrier, rate plan, or the device itself.  As much as we’d all like to say we have the perfect smart phone, there is always room for improvement.  There’s always seems to that one thing we wish our phone has.  So we’re asking you this week to tell us: Which feature(s) do you wish your current Android phone had?  Hit the break below to share your thoughts and vote.  We’ll let you pick one or two items from the list of options. Don’t see it listed?  Add it!

After you vote, head to the comments to tell us what it is that made you choose the way you did.  Will your next phone have these features?


    • Just get a bigger battery from ebay. I got a 3500Mhz from China for $11 (Galaxy S), I’m not sure if it’s a full 3500, but that running Juice Defender, I get four-five days with moderate to heavy use. If I go light, I think I could stretch it out a week.

  1. I voted for “other”, namely “More available space to install Apps”. Even with Apps2SD I’m finding I have to delete apps to install new ones on my HTC Desire. It does seem like the Gingerbread phones are coming with 16GB onboard, which would be much better.

    • Yes. My LG Optimus seems as though it had 160 MB when it was new and I have about 30 MB remaining, even though some of the applications are on the microSD card.

      The operating system complains too often that not enough storage exists, but the operating system should have swap space on the card or be able to use the card for all applications. Google have far to go.

  2. Automatically turn other sound notifications off (like SMS) when I’m using Music Player to listen to music. The Music player should take priority over a text message sound.

  3. Other, better behaved apps and better battery.

    A lot of the battery issues are because of horribly broken and badly designed apps. Downside of a system that expects devs to be responsible and follow best practices and guidelines.

  4. samsung galaxy s: voted for better battery! that is the most annoying thing on the phone!

    other things missing: flashlight and fm-transmitter

    other things to improve: case makes sounds and gps is kind of slowly compared to other phones (nokia 5800 was the better than sgs and even iphone 3g/3gs, connected to sats in just a few seconds even inside buildings when near to windows)

  5. My AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab (2.2) (reflashed as a 3G phone) would be very close to perfect if it had a better camera. Sheesh, it’s always something.

  6. Reliable BBM like service….
    Better Battery
    Decent options of portrait keyboard phone
    Better music app
    Better bluetooth functionality
    Easier way to update to latest version of android
    Improved standard of multi touch
    Better camera app
    Detail specs of the every phone released

  7. 1. Better battery
    2. Google maps that you could download to the phone (caching is nice but download better) including ability to find addresses and generate routs in the phone when network is not available.
    3. International GSM radio and SIM card so I could swap phones when appropriate (CDMA ID from SIM card as well)
    4. A screen that you could read in direct sunlight (seems like I had some older phones that you could do this with).

  8. Really Good Camera. Like the camera was the primary function and Android/Phone was secondary. Even give it an optical zoom, maybe dedicated software/processing power for the camera side.

    • Agreed. An Android phone with a 12 MP great lens, strong xenon, 4x optical zoom would be great. Just give it a 3.7 inch screen, 800×480, with a 1 Ghz processor and froyo or gingerbread, and it would sell like crazy. The question then is, who would make it?

  9. like my N1, but really lacking quality sound recording for 720p video it can do now 🙁 after a year, battery life is adequate with setCPU .. could use front facing camera for video chat !

  10. I’m using my N1. I really wish they had a better (i.e. no-nonsense (i.e. “plain”)) gallery app that doesn’t tend to freeze. At least I still have ASTRO.

    Same thing with the Market, but I’m not aware with any alternative front-ends to the same Android Market.

  11. I think timely updates are the number one concern. the newer versions of android (froyo and particularly gingerbread) have optimizations that extend battery life, reduce lag and increase speed (reducing the need for a faster processor), and generally better the experience. Other than that, screen resolution, processor speed, even the camera is fine. All I want on my Galaxy S is a flash, front camera, and I’d be happy 🙂 Though an 8 MP camera with xenon would be nice too…

  12. – “undo” functionality
    – the choice of standard “no alarm” in agenda-configuration
    – ability to group apps in the app-list
    – ability to really close apps in the app with menu
    – better task-control (closing apps) in multitask-view with longpress “home”
    – better visibility off full adress in contact, long adresses cannot be fully viewed, maybe change it in 2 tekst-lines
    – better standard integration of picasaweb in android
    – better standard integration of tasks-app in android
    – ability to change agenda-type in agenda app while editing agenda-notation
    – ability to drag&drop agenda-notation to other date in agenda view, or maybe dragit over the month-view-button and dropping it on a specific day in the popped-up month view

  13. Still need that “WOW” affect on the exterior look of phones. Where in the hell is Google Music? Google needs to make a bad ass TV commercial. Joe Public watches TV.

  14. HTC Desire – Better battery avnd HD video recording that a) doesn’t have a picture that judders and freezes randomly and b) actually has sound when transferred to pc (ie uses a different audio codec that is actually compatible with anything other than realplayer).

  15. Really what I want isn’t about the phone hardware itself specifically. I want some universal compatibility. This would include having a top notch camera on the phone, with a REAL flash. I’d like to be able to TRULY integrate all my music and photos into 1 system. I hate having to transfer pics and videos and music from laptop, to DVD, to CD, to cell phone, to back-up storage HD, and to my PS3. I want it all in once damn place already, accessible from all places. I’d like Rhapsody to integrate with Shazam and with Pandora. I’d like to have only 1 photo management program instead of using windows photo viewer AND Picasa AND the new Sony picture manager that came with my digital camera I got last week. And I’d like some consistency for a few years before everything changes again. I’d like to know that my phone, camera, PS3, and laptop will last for several year without having to buy an extended warranty. Okay…. I’m ranting… sorry.

  16. No lag or freeze, quality apps, it really doesn’t matter for me because I’m going to iphone…..hate me if you want but the phone is fast and it just works. I’m so tired of all the flaws with android…..had it for a year and there is so many shortcomings with the os….I think you all can relate

  17. If you want all that buy an iphone:
    Everyone runs the latest version
    The camera is the best
    Battery last forever
    Music app is better

  18. I clicked better battery, because honestly who wouldn’t, but my MyTouch 4G is all around almost perfect. More great games, maybe?

  19. i have the 2.1 version
    1. There should be perfect integration of data such as contacts etc between MS outlook and android contacts. I lost much of the information when i syncronised my MS outlook contacts with Android. It could not be reversed.
    2.One button for instant camera. It can be some shutter type which protects camera. Half way it will switch the camera on and if sure flash is required it can be dragged to the corner.
    3. Flash in internet and camera flash is also useful.

    4. There should be some notification of sound/ screen light up/vibration if any call or sms or email has been received and not seen.

    5. Delayed SMS, SMSs to the groups at one go and just tick in one group or in all contacts to send SMS’ to the selected few. sometimes u see the name and feel yes he should also be sent. specially when we send en mass new year or other greetings .

    6. screen touch can be better., i do not know when sms are on the screen, some times it is so slow that it irritates.

    Yogesh Dabra

  20. distinct multitouch screen. That’s the one place where the nexus one really dropped the ball. Some of the other options would be nice to have, but not compelling enough individually to warrant an upgrade. If the nexus S wasn’t three steps backward in other areas I’d seriously consider it. But I guess I’ll have to keep waiting for a phone as good as the nexus one but with a touchscreen that can be taken seriously.

  21. I wish my two month old Motorola phone had an upgrade to 2.2. This entire industry has to get a whole lot better about either upgrading Android for existing customers, or being honest about lack of upgrades at the time of purchase. They are not covering themselves with glory by screwing customers.

  22. I could only vote for one so I chose a faster processor.
    I am satisfied with my current 1Ghz but… we could always do with a bit more.
    I would like overall.

    1. Better battery
    2. Front facing camera
    3. Newer version of Android (read 2.4 tried Gingerbread want more!)
    4. Dual core processor to handle more high end games etc.
    5. 4G

  23. You know a thought occurred to me that it would be much better for everyone to be able to get their cell phones the way they do computers. Customization. Order your cell phone with the features you want and don’t want just like computers. How come no company has thought of it. I want some input if possible from others. Why should anyone just pretend to continue to be happy with whatever they provide.

  24. Make it cpatable with the iphone 4 face time i paied big money for my phone and it is useless to me cant see my family when away from home when i talk to rhem because oir phones are not the same that sucks