September 21, 2014

You Tell Us: Which Feature Do You Wish Your Current Android Phone Had?

For the most part, we all love our Android phones.  Each of us has our different reasons for picking the handset we did, be it carrier, rate plan, or the device itself.  As much as we’d all like to say we have the perfect smart phone, there is always room for improvement.  There’s always seems to that one thing we wish our phone has.  So we’re asking you this week to tell us: Which feature(s) do you wish your current Android phone had?  Hit the break below to share your thoughts and vote.  We’ll let you pick one or two items from the list of options. Don’t see it listed?  Add it!

After you vote, head to the comments to tell us what it is that made you choose the way you did.  Will your next phone have these features?

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