UPDATE: RealPlayer Android App Updated

We’ve just gotten word from the team behind the RealPlayer Android app that they’ve released an update for said app. Since we last reported on it in June, it’s entered the Android Market. The update is based entirely on feedback from users, both positive and constructive. They’ve overhauled the user interface and desgined it to make accessing and enjoying media more seamless. So, if you haven’t already, head on over to the Market and download the RealPlayer Android app for yourself by searching for “RealPlayer” in the Android Market or scanning the QR code below! The press release is also below. Let us know what you think in the comments!

UDPATE: Sorry, folks. The RealPlayer team contacted me saying that this app is still in beta. This is just an updated beta. My mistake.

[spoiler show=”Show Press Release”]

Since the original launch—spurred by a grassroots development effort among the RealPlayer team after identifying room for a more comprehensive Android media management solution—we’ve taken our customers’ feedback to heart and the RealPlayer team has re-shaped the design and direction of the app, including an overhauled user interface designed to make accessing and enjoying media more seamless. We can’t wait to hear more feedback as we continue to improve the RealPlayer for Android experience.

Check out the RealNetworks blog for more details about the RealPlayer for Android upgrade and a complete listing of features and improvements.[/spoiler]

  • El Daddy

    QR link is broken. I cant find it in the market either. Must have been pulled.

    • PilotSky37

      I just looked and it is only available on 2.2, found it on my Nexus but not my tablet that is running 2.1

      • El Daddy

        Hmmm. I’m running gingerbread on my n1. Weird.

  • Realplayer still exists?

    • Olografix

      That was exactly my thought when I read the title!

  • drucl8n

    I have played less than one minute of one song and the player has stopped or stuttered the music 6 times. Huh.. I think Ill stick with my “anything but realplayer” app like i have since the last time my computer tricked me into RealPlayer.. I think I had Compuserve back then

  • tim

    RealPlayer, hah. This is an application I hated with every inch of my body. Installing was always a pain just because they tried so much to trap you into buying the premium version.

    Thanks but no thanks.

  • Jillx

    Real Player is not the same as the old Real Player. It is sooooo much better. I always include it in my download of Media Players and i have it to replace Windows Media Player when I need a player.

    Read about It on cNet.

  • Canuck

    Wow! I didn’t know RealPlayer still existed. I remember it from the 1990s.

  • Marc

    I can’t find it in the market. What other media players can play .flv videos on an HTC mobile?