Samsung’s Viewer Created Ad for Galaxy Tab “Always There” [VIDEO]

Take a look at the video below to see how a Galaxy Tab user takes advantage of his tablet throughout an average day.  Well, that is if you average day consisted of video chatting your parents while proposing to your girlfriend.  On the beach.  In front of an amusement park. After spending the day together, riding bicycles.

In all honesty, this short ad does show off some of the cooler features available in the portable 7-inch tablet.  Have you picked up a tablet yet?  What kind of things are you doing with yours?

  • Chris Blasko

    I have a Herotab MID816. It’s a Chinese tablet and frankly for $180 (I got it on a boxing day sale) it’s amazing. Firmware update are coming often as it’s a brand new device and these manufacturers don’t do testing before they release it, so there definitely room for improvement but it’s already working great.

    The only caveat is the resistive touchscreen, which frankly is the best resistive touch screen I’ve ever used. Some reviewers online had even mistaken it for capacitive. No multi-touch yet, but it may come in an update (the type of resistive screen being used is a newer type that supposedly can handle up to 10 points of input). Ultimately it works well, but truthfully it’s not AS input friendly as a capacitive screen.

    My next tablet will most definitely be a Tegra2 device with a capacitive screen. Whether that will be something like a Motorola Xoom or another Chinese tablet, I don’t know.

    • Bert

      Dear Chris,

      I also purchased the Herotab Mid816, but, unfortunately, I have trouble updating the last firmware. I used the video and tried following the directions of Tasselhof. The picture was somewhat unclear and it was rather quick for me. I tried to understand as much as I could.
      I downloaded the link. I extracted the 4 files and copied them to windows system32.
      I connected the tablet to my pc as he said. I held down Power and Menu button to boot the device. I saw -FAST BOOT update system and -Focus mid device = 000. I could not go further.

      Important, I could not find the (the actual firmware update file) and Update. bat, both necessary for the update and mentioned by Tasselhof. They were not in the link. They were not to be found on my computer. Where are they ?

      I would greatly appreciate your help and advice. What should I do ?

      Thanks !


      • Chris Blasko

        Hi Bert,

        If you downloaded the firmware from Merimobiles you may have downloaded an incomplete file.

        The download should be about 58 or 60 MB. You can find the most recent here with many fixes and updates in the first post:

        if you cannot access the forum without signing up, here’s a direct link to the firmware:

        The steps are the same, make sure you have the adb.exe, fastboot.exe, (it may be “”) and a .bat files to run the update.

        This forum here is the most comprehensive forum discussing the MID816:


        • Bert

          I am grateful to you for your quick response and willingness to help me.

          I downloaded the link you suggested and received the following files:

          USB_driver_r03-windows (6.43 MB)
          PV210_20110118-update-(chinese).zip (58.6 MB)
          adb.exe (2.41MB)
 (4.60 kb)
          fastboot.exe (328 kb)
          readme (697 byte)
          readmecn (713 byte)
          RT287osta (1016 byte)
          update_system.bat (34 byte)
          update_wifi (17 byte)
          adbwin usb api.dll (59.5 kb)
          adbwinapi.dll (94 kb)

          (1)There was no date-update.bat to be fouund. Thus, I’m back to zero regarding the update and my use of the tablet. Where can it be? What am I doing wrong?

          (2) Tasselhof’s video was extremely unclear and his explanation and placing one file into another led me to extreme confusion and utter frustration. Is it sufficient to place the 4 files in windows sys. 32 and have the rest in
          a folder on my desktop before pressing power and menu and booting with what is now the missing updat.bat ?

          Looking forward to your reply and many thanks.


  • Mac

    That music makes me want to stab something.