Sprint to Add $10 Fee to All Smart Phones Effective January 30th

Previously reserved for the likes of the EVO 4G, Epic 4G, and new EVO Shift 4G, Sprint‘s $10 add-on data feature is coming to all Android phones.  In a press release from earlier this morning, Sprint outlines the plans to implement the fee effective January 30th.  Citing the need to offer “simple and affordable unlimited plans for its customers while maintaining a wireless network able to meet the growing appetite for a richer mobile experience”, the carrier believes they’ll still provide the best value in the industry. 

“Sprint’s unlimited data plans, with or without the $10 charge, continue to beat the offerings of our top national competitors, who cap users’ data, charge data overages, and do not offer the unique functionality of Any Mobile, Anytime, which gives subscribers on the Sprint network unlimited calling to any other wireless user in America regardless of carrier.”

What say you? Will Sprint offer a best in class combination of rate plans and handsets with this extra $10 per month charge?

  • Jeff

    Does this mean I can get out of my contract even if I have a 4G phone because Sprint is changing the terms yet again??

    • Jay Dub

      Good question. I know some people that will jump to Virgin if they can get out of their contracts.

    • Jay Dub

      Wait, it says “activations”, so it might just be new customers or peope who change phones.

    • maura

      no because it is only being applied to new upgrades so if u already have a smart phone u dont have to pay it till u upgrade.

  • Craig

    They will still be cheaper than all the rest and have unlimited. I’ll stick with them.

  • Jay Dub

    I meant to add: the only sneaky part about this is that if they had just made the plan itself $10 more, a discount would reduce the “fee”. By having a surcharge, the fee probably won’t be touched and will stay $10.

    It would have been better if they had just made the Everything plans $79, $99 and $109.

  • Rick

    I would not mind paying $10 more a month if the service and the network improve ! They promised 4G last fall and it didn’t get here till Dec – and then it’s only available from 5th street to 7th street.
    I’m riding my time out and then leaving !

    • Yeah! 4G in Honolulu is meh at best. Where you gonna leave to Rick?

  • Jay Dub

    …..one last comment…..

    Does this mean that the 2/7 announcement is an iPhone?

    I know they have invited Android blogs to the event, but it’s still possible.

  • Jay Dub

    One last, last, comment 🙂

    In general I don’t have a huge issue with this $10 fee on its own. It doesn’t touch current phones so whatever you have on 1/29 is the terms you’ll keep.

    The problem I have is that it was super obvoius that Sprint was NOT going to bring out any decent phones that did not have the fee. There was NO reason that the 3 phones introduced last October couldn’t have been spec’d higher than they were. Instead they were mid to low end phones, with crappy processors and/or low res screens. When I saw that, I knew Sprint was going to give all of their decent phones the “4g fee”.

    Basically, this “fee” is just formally stating what Sprint was doing anyway. You had to notice that their only good phones already had the fee. No one was going to buy a Hero, Intercept or Transform if they hadn’t already gotten one. Maybe they’d get an Optimus (zippy but with a low res screen) but that’s it.

    This announcement is no suprise.

  • homas

    Still selling Hero w/ no Froyo path. No way Sprint!

  • CC

    Disappointed. I needed to get a new phone this month because my Samsung Moment was giving me more headaches than it was worth with EXTREMELY poor battery life and Force Closes, etc. I opted for the Optimus S and LOVE it! But the reason I went for the Optimus S and not a 4G phone was because I DID NOT want to pay an extra $10 per month. A lot of good that did me!

    • bousozoku

      You already have the Optimus? If that’s the case, nothing should change for you, since you’ve already activated it and are using it.

  • bousozoku

    Odd, that.

    I don’t use any more data on my Optimus than I used on my Lotus, so I shouldn’t be paying more, regardless of what someone else does. Besides, the mobile hotspot is $29.99 extra per month and isn’t eligible for any discount and tethering is important.

    It’s nice that carriers can put all these fees separate of the plan and hope we don’t notice.

  • Dulce Liberal

     My phone got stolen bought immediately a new one from Sprint and they said that I have to pay $10 extra per month as replacing a stolen phone counts as a change in contract.
    Calling my plan EVERYTHING is a lie if after the 69.99 I pay additional $10.Very unhappy, but what can I do..?