T-Mobile Drops Price of G2 to Free For Limited Time

If you’ve been mulling over the idea of picking up a T-Mobile G2, might we suggest you act fast?  The carrier has dropped the price on the flagship device to free for a limited time.  Effective immediately and running the January 20th, customers can grab the Android 2.2-powered smart phone for $0 with a new two-year service agreement.  That’s one heck of a bargain if you ask us.  Free is always great, but when you’re dealing with a 4G-ready, stock Android experience, it’s nothing short of win.

  • Moose

    Discovered this yesterday, as my G1 died the day before- TMO customer service was unaware of this offer, and were trying to bend me over for $200, when I saw t! Not all that jazzed about the G2, but it’s hard to argue with a free phone. Actually, it’s a rebate deal, and I had to pay an $18 upgrade and $20 shipping fee, plus the $49.99 for the phone (which should be rebated). Should be here by Friday, hopefully. Sucks that I’m stuck into another 2 year contract as I know that this time next year there will be a KILLER ANDROID phone that I’ll want from some other carrier.

    I got a TMO [pay as you go] Nokia POS to get me by till then. Funny thing was when I put my SIM into the phone, I got a message stating “Welcome to your new G1!”

    • Roger

      Funny! A nokia phone impersonating a G1!

  • Mikostew

    Have had my eye on this phone for a couple of weeks. Had started saving up the $199 to get this phone as an upgrade from my old Dash.

    Then Yesterday I saw it was available for Free. Not sure why T-Mobile decided to do this but glad they did.

    Happy Happy Joy Joy!

  • Scmo

    I’ve been bugging my roommate to get this when it was 50 bucks after rebate but he’s slow damn slow to move on things. Told him about this but he’s slow to move on anything he’s like a turtle. I wonder when this is expected to get gingerbread since its vanilla android.

  • Damien

    Jumped on this last night, going to be sad to retire the n1 but think its worthy of an upgrade to this phone

  • Steven

    Can we get this free if we trade in our Samsuck Vibrant?

  • Andrew Gomez

    Mine just came in. 🙂