T-Pain’s Nappy Boy Entertainment Releases Booty Symphony. Yeah, Booty Symphony [VIDEO]

Wow.  Where to begin with this one.  Nappy Boy Entertainment (T-Pain) has released a new Android app called Booty Symphony which lets users create 30-second music videos using “Booty Soundboards.”  Said soundboards contain samples from songs on the Nappy boy label, including Tay Dizm’s “Point Em Out” and Young Cash’s “I’m a Freak” and “I Support Single Mothers.”  To help generate some interest in the app, Nappy Boy will reward the video with the most plays with 1,000 cans of Booty Sweat energy drink.  

“Smartphones have given people an incredible amount of computing power, but until now, this power has been wasted,” says creator and choreographer of Booty Symphony, Sakinah LeStage. “America is thirsty for an app that finally does something useful.   Through their shared appreciation of the art of clapping, Booty Symphony was born.

Starting immediately, the app will be available for free directly from GetJar.  There is also a premium version on the Android Market which runs $2.99 should you feel so inclined.  To get more information on the app and the contest, check out BootySymphony!  Now, if ya don’t mind, we’re gonna go compose a beautiful score.

  • Rick

    I thought all the lame stuff was a specialty of the Phandroid website, why do you have this crap here?

    • Bianca

      No need to be a jerk. Posts like this one probably pay for the ones you like to read. 😉

  • Scmo

    Haha, I agree. I was shocked to see them write this stuff up. Between stuff like this and the vibrant plus emotional pieces I’m having a hard time believing I’m reading android guys material. They are getting close to engadget pieces.

  • Dving

    This app is hilarious!! So much fun…and you can really create some great tunes!!

  • Rick

    Lol Interesting post Android Guys. Sometimes shock value is a good thing =p Downloaded the app on the EVO and it’s definitely entertaining. The upload the YouTube feature was a nice touch. 😉

  • Cotillion

    Funny post. This coming from a guy who’s FPS monicker and clan revolves around cheeks though so not sure how my biased opinion of booty related material weighs in.