App Review: FrameGrabber for Android

I have to admit, I don’t use my phone’s video camera that often. Sure, I take lots of pictures, but not too many videos. But I’ve faced a problem in the past: taking still images from videos. Sure, you can do that with PhotoShop or another online tool, but there’s never really been a good way to do it from your Android device. Until now! FrameGrabber does exactly as the title suggests: it “grabs” frames from a video. It loads videos from the SD card and then breaks them up frame-by-frame for the user. This way, said user can pick exactly the right frame they want and save it as an image. Pretty simple, right? I shot a short, 25 second video of my keys and flash drive, just to test out the app. I stress the word amateur when referring to the video.

What I like: It’s got a lovely UI, full of blacks and dark blues, as well as a nice scrolling “Wheel of Fortune” type implementation, for viewing frames. The folks at Sony Digital Network Applications, Inc. did a very nice job in designing the app. The colors and overall feel of it really stand out to me. Bravo. As far as settings go, the user can enable vibration when saving files, the number of recent grabs that is shown, and even how the videos are indexed, such as by time or frame number.


What I don’t like: It was tough to find fault with this app, but I did notice that there’s not much in the way of settings, specifically the customization of the app itself. Sure, the blues and blacks appealed to me, but someone else may not find the same comfort with the app. Just some color options would spruce up the user experience greatly.

The verdict: FrameGrabber is a great app, especially for those who shoot a lot of video. Maybe you want to get a still shot of your friend catching a football in mid-air, or maybe that perfect shot of your newborn sporting that cute face of his. In any event, if you take a lot of videos with your Android device, I highly recommend you download this app. It’s a great time-saver for those who don’t want to fool around with PhotoShop or some online editor that doesn’t work half the time. It’s only $4.27, which honestly isn’t that much, especially when you consider that it’s going to fund some great Android devs. Give FrameGrabber a shot by searching the Android Market for “FrameGrabber” or by scanning the QR code below. Let us know what you think in the comments below! You can also check out some more screenshots below.

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  1. Scmo
    January 19, 20:59 Reply

    Ty for info on this app! I love messing around with video editing and stuff so this will be a fun venture for my phone.

  2. theoden
    January 20, 03:19 Reply

    It is an interesting item on the list of applications of this kind.

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