Nexus One Gingerbread Update Due “Any Day Now”

Nexus One owners have been (im)patiently waiting for their beloved device to see Android 2.3 since early December. Announced with the Nexus S, Gingerbread was promised in the “coming weeks” for the previous pure Google device.  After around a month and a half, those coming weeks have turned into “any day now”.  ComputerWorld tells us today that an Android representative advises that the rollout should be starting soon. Today marks the two week window since Google last referenced the update, making it now weeks, plural.  Sit tight, it’s coming! Would you rather be waiting on Android 2.2 for your phone?

  • IY

    2.3 is a minor update anyway… rush. The most “under the hood” changes are for games performance…which i dont really give a shit about.

    • Well, not really. The changes affect the general use of the phone. It feels way more snappy than before.

      • IY

        How do you know if its not even out yet ?

        • Chris

          He’s probably already running 2.3. I’ve been running it on my Nexus for a couple weeks now.

          It’s much snappier. And that is with the lack of proper Gingerbread drivers. Once the OTA goes out it will even be snappier.

          • Marcus

            Can you set up the color and blinking speed of the trackball?


  • AS

    UI responsiveness should be better throughout, and there is the VOIP support too which I’m looking forward to.

  • Damien

    Just root and flash CM7 is you want GB that bad. I love running it on my n1, plus it gets a little bit better battery life also

  • I’m reeeeally looking forward to this. I wonder if they will reformat the internal storage?

  • MattL

    The tweet was from December 20th, not January 4th. Way longer than two weeks. Don’t these guys check their facts before writing an article?

    • quick

      That tweet from Dec. 20th was referenced in this article but, Computerworld talked to Google today or recently (they don’t say when exactly but definitely after Dec. 20th)

      “Google’s answer: Don’t worry — it’s on the way. A representative from the Android team tells me there have been no unexpected hurdles and that the rollout should be starting soon.”

      Getting tired of waiting myself, hope this isn’t another “coming weeks” type deal… coming weeks should mean 3 weeks or less IMO…

  • “Would you rather be waiting on Android 2.2 for your phone?”

    Haha, no, but that’s why I bought a Nexus One and not something with a silly custom UI (boom). I really hope Google is adding a little ‘fluff’ to the N1 update, like maybe enabling the N radio, etc. Yes, I know I could just root to get that, but I stopped using CM when they made ADW the default launcher, and it’s a pain for me to continually push to replace it with stock

    • quick

      802.11n radio is already enabled, happen in froyo update IIRC…

      I have tested it many times, I set my Wifi N router to N only 2.4ghz, and the Nexus One connects just fine… although the max you can get is 64mbps sync though, better than 54mbps but not much… I find that using N is pretty flaky though on my Nexus one, but I have only tried one router and my router and location is probably the reason (apartment with 15+ wifi routers within range lol).

      Wish the N1 had 5ghz wifi N, but I don’t even think there is another phone even on the market today with a 5ghz wifi N antenna/card in it?

  • Julius

    +1 on the radio feature. I’m not in any hurry though – just curious.

  • John

    Where can I get a new nexus one?

    • Marcus

      Like new. Ebay, craigslist…

    • andr01d

      nexus S

    • Jeff

      ATT or tmobile?

  • masterpfa

    Looking forward to the official Nexus 1 Gingerbread Release, this would lead to fault free custom ROMS, improved battery life, faster phone basically win, win, win.
    But I won’t be holding my breath. When it comes it comes IMHO


    I would love if they send an update to fix the capacitive buttos oher then that the nexus one its one of the best phones,,hey its a little be over a year and they still compared whith the new phones like the EVO MYT4G EPIC GALAXY and even the new NEXUS S…for that reason in my opinion the nexus one its one of the best android phones…..

  • jxk

    Someone needs to start a class-action lawsuit against HTC for not having a 2.3 update out RIGHT NOW!!!!

  • obhs

    I don’t know a single person who bought N1 and didn’t root it 🙂 class action suits are for idiots buying Samsung and Motorolas :))))))))))))) I hope most of them go back to iJunk when it comes out on Verizon so they find something to sue Apple for :)))))))))))

    • Cd

      yeah I didn’t root my Nexus One and I am glad I didn’t. I had to send it in for warranty repair

      • I rooted and still had repairs under warranty.

        All I needed was the official rom running on my n1. HTC is good like that

  • xtachx

    [quote]I don’t know a single person who bought N1 and didn’t root it[/quote]

    That would be me… I didnt root mine 😛 I got it after froyo release and I didnt load a shit ton of crap apps from android store 🙂 (installed only the best / innovative ones.. like midomi … and basic stuff like flash)

    Runs smooth as butter – no lags!

    However I wish the browser was better – it doesnt live up to my expectations.

  • xtachx

    @obhs: I absolutely hate the iCrasp that apple comes up with and idiots seem to fall for it. As a programmer – I find it extremely easy to write my own programs for whatever extra I need… and adb can accomplish the rest of the stuff. (hehe – if you can use adb carefully, you wont need root for a loooong time. Not at least till my 1 year warranty period is over.)

  • Aphtk

    I wonder if near field communication will include ad-hoc connection. Why they thought ad-hoc connections were a bad idea is beyond me!

    I think in Google’s Time a week is a month longs and grows exponentially as weeks are incremented. Their for-loop has a calculation algorithm for this. They run this company like juveniles and if they are not careful they will run it into the ground!

  • Tony Pott

    I don’t accept that there is any technical reason for the delay: Google have simply decided to give Samsung a good long clear run with the Nexus S the only ‘pure’ gingerbread phone.

    As for those of us who shelled out good money for a Nexus One less than a year ago in the expectation of getting the latest soon after it was available? As far as Google is concerned we can just bend over and feel privileged to get shafted by the awesome ‘not evil’ Google.

    Google is demonstrating the kind of honesty with it’s customers we expect from Apple, and the kind of ethics we expect from Microsoft.

    • R. Mann


      I almost never post in forums like this, but I gotta say, f*ck Google and they way they ignore the Nexus One owners when it comes to OTA updates. I guess “Don’t be Evil” does not equal “Don’t Be Dishonest Pricks”.

  • Simon

    I was drunk. My friend was drunk. We both dropped my N1 on the tile floor. The second drop, the N1 broke apart. I was heartbroken. It still works, but not like it used to. Is there anywhere I can have it fixed? BTW, after TMobile stopped replacing the N1 with an N1 I stopped paying for the insurance. To my knowledge, there are no more places from which to purchase a new N1. This is what I believe.

    • aphtk

      I can sell you mine … its in like new conditions with original box & with all original accessories.

  • one´s for shure ……………..never again a GOOGLE PHONE::::::::::::

    even Microsoft support is better ;.)

    nice we have XDA ..around


  • We perform quite a bit of mobile security research at Praetorian and have been waiting on Gingerbread for the Nexus One for some time. It seems Google wants everyone on the hook for the Nexus S.

  • Collin

    I was very disapointed with the rejection of 3g network on my n1 that i have for ATT but other than that i think the nexus one is an awesome phone 😀 just a few minor bug fixes and (the obvious 3g problem) i would be content to not switching back over to my iphone 🙂

  • MM

    Unbelievable that Google hasn’t pushed this to the N1 yet. First they said October, then December, then January… this is ridiculous. Total FAIL.

    (I don’t think this is Samsung’s doing. I think it’s Google not being able to patch some 2.3 bug because most of their development team is working on Android 3.0. Which shows their loyalty to their customers…)

  • DroidBoss

    Yeah, the wait for Gingerbread has went from excitement to just a headache to think about. I was checking for updates on my Nexus One every other day; now I don’t really care when it shows up.

    I think it will be even longer now with all the talk of HoneyComb and the rise of Android Tablets.

  • Leroy

    Just goy my update to 2.3.3 today via OTA

    • Syed Rizvi

      How did you get it OTA? It hasn’t been released yet for Nexus One!

  • jex

    I downloaded manually from here Nexus One Gingerbread

  • Anonymous

    About time! I’m tire of all these announcements and they are late about it. Can’t they keep a schedule? James,


    Is this for US only?